Stephanie Spanked

stephanie spanked otk

First time spankings are always special, because you just don’t know how a girl is going to react. Some of them come in all attitude, and we get to either prove, or break their attitude. Others come in acting like timid little mice, and we just love taking those girls and making them finally succumb to their fears of the big, bad spanking. Some of them will whimper, some will cry, some will moan, and many will get soaking wet as they experience their first intense spanking. Our disciplinarians just adore provoking all kinds of reactions from these naughty girls.

Since we are taking Stephanie Murray to school, we thought it only appropriate that she show up in uniform for her first ever over the knee spanking. Dani Daniels just loves breaking in new girls with her bare hand. Most of them think that Dani’s hand will give out before their ass will, and they are always sorely mistaken. In this case Dani turns Stephanie’s ass bright red with over 400 smacks on her cute little backside before she finally lets her up. Stephanie definitely has the attitude though; she sprang right up and declared that Dani missed a spot! This is one girl we’re going to have lots of fun seeing what we can use to turn her ass black and blue.

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Molly gets Belt Spanking and Caning

belt spanking

It is always a balancing act when you try to find a punishment that fits the crime when you have a naughty little girl. As much as it is our prerogative to punish them in any way we see fit we do want to at least make sure that our punishments make a certain amount of sense with the error of their ways. We discipline the girls carefully and deliberately, because otherwise they will never associate their misbehavior with their punishment. We wish to correct their poor choices, not simply make them resent their discipline.

This particular naughty girl always skirted the edge of the rules, especially when it comes to appropriate dress and hair styles. She thought she could take school memorabilia and sell it in order to supplement the allowance she receives. Of course we caught her, and she knew she was in trouble when brought into the teacher’s class for her punishment. Since she tried to sell school materials, it was only appropriate that she receive her punishment with those materials. Once her ass received the marks from her purloined materials, we finished up with a reinforcement treatment with the cane as a future reminder for her whenever she sits down.

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32 Strokes


Our girls know what they get into when they sign up for our training and our classes. We are explicit that they will learn discipline, obedience, service, and all the things that will help them survive when they go out into the world and look for the tough jobs with our most demanding clients. Many of the girls don’t really understand what that means though until we actually put them through their paces, and they see what we really mean by ‘discipline’. We expect them to follow orders without question, even when it humiliates, embarrasses them, or exposes them in their most intimate ways.

Amelia has done well so far, though she still hesitates when we come in for inspections and spring our ‘pop quizzes’ on her whenever we choose. She hasn’t learned that she can’t protect her assets, because they are ours, and if we want to build her discipline, we will do it however we wish. This time our instructor barges into her room and demands she undresses, and lucky for her this time she complies. We’re not done with her though, and we get her on the bed ass up and ready for her endurance training. Amelia’s tight ass only manages thirty-two strokes with the riding crop though before she’s crying and begging for mercy…it looks like we might have to work on her endurance a bit more in the future.
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Spanking Training

spanking training

 Some girls are into spanking for the pleasure, others for the pain, others for the attention, all of them need to learn that they get spanked for discipline. Before we train their asses to take a paddle, we train them to take orders at a moment’s notice. They can’t have any modesty, because we will bend them over and spank them at a moment’s notice regardless of whether we are in public or not, or whether they are ‘in the mood’ or not. When that happens we will bare their asses wherever we happen to be.

Amelia Rutherford went through our training and excelled in all areas of obeying commands and putting her modesty aside. To test her, we drilled her in stripping down nude and finding appropriate spanking surfaces at a moment’s notice, without warning. Only when we were satisfied did we start training her pale ass to take on the cherry red hue we like. This particular training session included over seventy blows from a harsh leather paddle, until her ass took on our favored color.

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Nimue spanked with crop

Nimue spanked with crop

The girls at the Pony Club do like the women with initiative, especially when it comes to fund-raising. They do have to keep some levels of decorum though, after all, we want to make sure we don’t scandalize the regular people, because that just is not the kind of attention that’s entirely appropriate. The girls need to realize that above all, they must act appropriately, and when they don’t, they have to suffer the consequences of their actions.

This time one of the girls decided to do her best Lady Godiva impression and interrupted the fund-raising. The audience appreciated the show, but Nimue did not get approval before her show. Well, Treasurer Pandora Blake pulled her aside and explained that you just do not act like that in public. She reinforced the lesson with a riding crop spanking of Ms. Nimue’s round backside. At first she thought it was a game, but the growing red and bruises soon had her squirming and realizing otherwise!

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Amelia gets ass paddled

amelia paddled

Amelia is such a spanking slut, she just loves the feel of a hand, or a paddle across her ass. Sometimes her love for the hard wood gets her in trouble though, especially when she’s supposed to get punished later by the proper authority. This time Amelia goes under the paddle of Leia-Ann Woods, since she just thinks they both can get used to the sting of the paddle.

Poor Amelia though, she only gets ten blows with the heavy wood paddle before the two of them are caught. The two of them are in even more trouble, and even though Amelia loves getting spanked, she’ll be begging for mercy before her punishment is over.

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Red Ass Caning Video

red ass caning

Some little spanking sluts just never know when there is an appropriate time for spanking, and when they should hold back and wait. They just love that bruised, sore feeling so much they can’t go more than a couple days without feeling that soreness through their ass, even when they are told they have to hold back. Well, it can certainly make things difficult when a girl has an appointment for a spanking, and someone wants you pristine for their attentions. They get so addicted that sometimes they can’t even hold back for that!

Sophie Parker is one of those models that knows better, too. When she shows up for the camera, she is supposed to have a pristine ass, so that we can be the ones to get it nice and red. This time her ass is still bruised from another spanking, probably quite a recent one as well! Sophie doesn’t even deny it, but still, she has to get punished, so this time she doesn’t just get spanked, we have to bring out the canes, otherwise who will know whether the marks are from us, or from her other partner? The marks we leave on her pretty ass are much more…defined, and will last much longer as a reminder as to why she should always follow instructions before showing up for a session.

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Adrienne gets 200 whacks OTK

adrienne spanked

We all get jobs for different reasons, maybe we love the work, or we have a lot of talent for the work, or maybe we just like the perks of our job. There’s nothing wrong for a girl to take advantage of her talents to get the best deal and the best job she can. It’s only a problem when they start thinking that the perks are a right of the job, and they try to exploit them or take advantage of them too much, and so end up breaking the rules. They might get so used to those perks that they need to get reminded when they cross the line.

Adrienne loves travelling as a flight attendant, because she can usually hitch a ride to wherever she wants. That is an ok perk, the only problem is when she decides that just hitching a ride isn’t enough, and she tries to get her airline to make extra flights, just for her. That’s a little too far, and when that happens she needs to get the proper punishment. Her little curved ass isn’t good for too long, and turns bright red very quickly as she takes her spanking, but that just means she learns her lesson even faster. Still, she takes over 200 blows before we’re done with her, and her ass is bright red and burning as a reminder.
Adrienne gets punished harshly. Watch the video HERE

Giant Paddle Spanking

ping pong paddle

Boys think they give the best spankings, and sure, most women just love the feel of a big, manly hand across their backsides. There’s something primal about it, sure, especially as that ass gets more and more red. The guys aren’t the only ones that give good spankings though, there are girls out there that are so much more intense, and so much more wicked then the guys. Some of these girls get positively evil when they learn they are going to have a friend or rival over their laps, and they aren’t going to let them go until they get their wicked pleasure out of it.

Jennifer Torrance gets to play the hot sorority sister that gets Tanya Carter over her lap in a nice demonstration of what happens when a sister goes and breaks the house rules. She doesn’t give Tanya much of a warmup, either, especially when she grabs the big paddle at hand. Tanya’s ass turns a bright, bright red very quickly, and her moans and crying is absolutely delicious, not to mention the bounce whenever the paddle lands. You can see the wicked look on Jennifer’s face as she unloads on Tanya’s cute ass, and she’s not about to stop until someone finally interrupts them.

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Schoolgirl Spanking

schoolgirl spanking

Some girls think that they somehow are smarter than the authority figures around them. As if somehow they have come up with new ways to misbehave and get away with it and there is no way that anyone will have any knowledge of their behavior. They believe that they will find new ways to cheat, while we like to make sure that we remind them that there are always the old ways of providing discipline to these misbehaving girls.

This time we caught a Miss Pandora Blake smuggling in all sorts of contraband material to the other students at the school. Normally that would be an expulsion offense, but the headmaster decided that all she really needed was a simple course of corporal punishment to get her on the right track. At first when Pandora saw the slipper used for her punishment she was quite disdainful, at least until the first blow landed across her ass. From there it was merely crying and begging as her ass turned deeper and deeper red from the slipper. This is a perfect example that sometimes the best answer is the simplest one, when it comes to discipline.

See Pandora get punished. CLICK HERE for video