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Cutie Spanked with a Slipper

Spanked Cutie Bare Bottom Slippering   Cute Teen Slippering

What a lovely bottom this cutie has – it’s round, shapely, and tight – and perfect for a good slippering. Hell, it would be perfect for a nice hand spanking as well. Anyhow, this cutie was naughty and really pissed off her caretaker. Not having a paddle or cane handy he goes for the slipper. Slippers make for a great impromptu spanking implement – when there is nothing around and you need to spank some ass immediately, grab a slipper.

This naughty cutie has her shorts and panties pulled down to reveal her bare bottom. Then her caretaker starts spanking her with a slipper. Her bottom turns red and she squirms with each blow on her bare bottom. Her cute face crinkles up to reveal the discomfort she will feel. I have a feeling that she will get a more formal spanking later with something more appropriate – like a paddle. But don’t be fooled by how much the slipper can hurt.

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OTK Hand Spanking

OTK Hand Spanking Movies   Diaper Position Spanking

Another naughty girls is given a punishment at the Girls Boarding School. It must have been a minor infraction because she is given a hand spanking. The spanking is administered on her bare bottom and the smacks are quite harsh.

A good OTK hand spanking can hurt quite a bit and it’s evident from this girls squirming that she is experiencing quite a bit of discomfort. After her bare bottom has been spanked good the headmaster places her in the diaper position. He gives her some swift smacks to the very sensitive area where the thighs meet her bottom.

This girl has a very beautiful shapely bottom and very attractive thighs that are perfect for an OTK spanking. When administering a good hand spanking it’s amazing to feel the heat that radiates off a well spanked bottom. When she gets her diaper position spanking you get a real nice view of her pussy – this is done for the extra humiliation and to make the naughty girl feel exposed and vulnerable. Her thighs are given a few good spanks so that her entire back side will be burning and sore.

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Breast Bondage and Spanking During Amateur BDSM Movie

In a seedy hotel on the side of an open stretch of road, the master takes his slave girlfriend up into the room and locks the door. Setting up the camera in the corner of the room so that it has a perfect view of the bed, he instructs the submissive whore to undress and wait for him. Amateur bdsm sex on a level like this is much more personal then the action one would see at the local fetish clubs. Locking her wrists into the restraints, he chains the girl to the bed head and then pulls out his cock. Pushing it into her mouth he makes her chow down on it until told to stop. Once his seed is unleashed he can begin binding her body and making sure to capture it all on film.

Schoolgirl Spanked Hard With Paddle on Bare Bottom

Hard Bare Bottom Paddling   Assume the Position Against Wall for Paddling

The headmaster looks really pissed off. I’m not sure what this girl did, but I bet she is regrets it now! Punishments at the Girls Boarding School are serious and harsh. The head does not play around.

This bad girl is not only getting spanked with a paddle – she is getting hard swats with a paddle that has holes in it. You now that has to hurt like crazy! She is told to drop her pants and her undies. She has very light creamy skin that turns bright red as her bottom is struck with the paddle.

The headmaster keeps paddling her bare bottom until she is crying and begging him to stop. But he just keeps swatting her bottom again and again. I’m sure her punishment spanking will leave bruises and welts that will last for days.

Cutie Spanked With Thick Leather Strap

Teen Cutie Bare Bottom Strapping

This cutie has a perfect ripe ass that really, really needs to be spanked. This spanking gallery features some great girl on girl spanking. From watching countless spanking videos I’ve come to the conclusion that the girls often spank harder than the guys. Guys are often hold back a little but when girls are spanking girls they give it all they have.

I’m not sure what this cutie did to warrant a spanking but she gets her nice tight bottom well spanked and whipped. She is in the kitchen when her skirt is lifted and she receives some serious hand spanking that turns her ass a bright tender red. Her panties and clothes are then stripped off and she is forced to get on all fours. In this vulnerable position we get a great view of her juicy pussy. Then the real punishment starts with a hefty leather strap.

Her tender red bottom is given thwak after thwak and her slim body recoils with each stroke. The redness and pain spread. It appears her pussy is swelling as if she is getting pleasure from the pain or maybe being dominated by another girl turns her on.

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Wax and Whips make for some awesome BDSM Sex Movies

Amateur BDSM Sex Movies

Restrained with ropes and chained down to the bed, this whore with large breasts is in for a world of sexual abuse and domination. Her heaving large breasts are tightly bound with pink rope. The tight rope is pulled so tight that is has forced all the blood to the surface, making her tits turn into a shade of deep purple. In this amateur bdsm sex scenario, her master brings out the whips and gets warmed up for a lengthy session. Before he begins working her over with his tools of pain, he pulls out a long yellow candle and forces it deep into her snatch. Lighting the wick he informs his slave that the whipping of her soft skin will only stop when the flame reaches the bottom.