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Bare Bottom Spanking OTK

Bare Bottom Spanking OTK   OTK Spanking On Bare Bottom

This is a great OTK spanking video from the Girls Boarding School. The Girls Boarding School does not tolerate bad behavior or rule breaking. All violations are quickly dealt with and the school girls are spanked.

GBS is the best site on the net for school girl spankings. At the GBS girls are paddled, caned, and spanked with a twase. They are required to strip fully naked for their punishments!!

Many times the girls are given OTK spankings which are followed up by a more severe punishment. In this spanking video this school girl was recently caned as you can see from the red marks on her bottom. She is given a OTK spanking the day after she received the cane. Her bottom is still very tender and striped causign the OTK spanking to hurt more than ever.

Watch More School Girl Spanking Videos at GBS

Bare Bottom Girl on Girl Spanking

Girl on Girl Spanking on the bare   Girl Spanks Girl OTK On The Bare Bottom

Don’t you just love watching girls spank girls? Nothing is quite as hot as a pissed off girl spanking her girlfriend!

In this spanking video we have two very attractive girls. For reasons unknown one of the girls is getting a very good spanking on the bare. The girl being spanking has a very, very, spank able round bottom. She is spanked and paddled with a leather strap and then told to strip completely nude for more punishment.

The girl doing the spanking takes her job quite seriously and really punished the shapely bottom that is over her knee.

Spanking videos like this are what Spanked Cutie is all about. They find really cute girls and punish their naked bottoms. Many times the spankings are give OTK and include incredible girl on girl spanking. It’s a great site with cute girls that all end up with very red and sore bottoms.

Spanking Video Provided by Spanked Cutie

Girl Caned On Her Bare Bottom

Caned on Her Bare Bottom   Caning on Her Bare Bottom

I just love the spanking videos from Girls Boarding School. This has to be one of the finest round bottoms I have ever seen caned. This girl has a bottom that begs for punishment. It’s a damn good thing she is a naughty girl and deserving of punishment!!!

Anyhow, our truant schoolgirl is striped completely nude and bend over a large desk. We get a great view of her tight shapely bottom and we see the great close up of the cane landing on her delicate flesh. We can see the pain in her face and the blows of the cane just keep landing on her beautiful bottom and they leave very nice welts. This is one spanking video that I have watched many many times. It’s of my all time favorites.

You can download the full length video from the Girls Boarding School.

OTK Spanking on the Bare Bottom

OTK Hand Spanking   OTK Spanking On The Bare Bottom

Another fine spanking video from The Girls Boarding School. This naughty girl must be very naughty because when her jeans are pulled down we see that she was very recently punished – she still has strips from what look like a good caning. Her bottom has to be very sore even before this spanking starts.

She is bent OTK and her bare bottom and previous wets are given a good sound hand spanking. I’m sure that hand spanking really hurt considering the welts that she already had – those are very sensitive!!! You would have thought that this silly girl learned her lesson with the first punishment. Some people are just slow to learn and at the Girls Boarding School they will just keep up the spanking until the girls learn.

Lupus Spanking Videos

Lupis Spanking Severe

These video clips are from Lupus Spanking. Lupus is know for their extremely harsh spanking and punishment videos. They are an Easter European company and they dole out very severe spankings and canings. The spanking models who work for Lupus have to be able to endure the most incredible pain.

Lupus also puts a lot of effort into setting the stage for a spanking. They have elaborate costumes and sets that look very authentic. They put a lot of effort into creating an atmosphere. But when the punishments start they are very, very harsh. The girls are very beautiful and their bottoms are left with welts and extreme marks.

Lupus is not for everyone, but if severe spanking is your cup of tea then stop by and have a look at their main site.