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School Girl Severly Spanked For Cheating

school girl spanked for cheating   Bare Bottom School Girl Spanking

This very naughty girl is a spanking model named Linda. She is an attractive blond with a very, very, nice bottom. Linda is a resident of The Girls Boarding School and she was recently caught cheating. She was told to report to the headmasters office to receive her punishment.

Had this been Linda’s first infraction the headmaster might have take it easier on her – a few swats with a strap on her bare bottom. Unfortunately, this was NOT Linda’s first time in trouble. She is quite the repeat offender and this time the headmaster cleared his schedule just to give her a punishment she would not forget.

Linda knew she was in deep trouble, she had be nervous all day waiting for her punishment appointment with the headmaster. When Linda arrived at his office she was instructed to bend over his large oak desk. Carefully placed on the desk was just about every kind of possible spanking instrument!!! Straps, canes, paddles, and a carpet beater.

Linda had on a traditional school girl uniform. When she bent over the desk the head swatted her bottom good and hard with the carpet beater. He did this over her skirt. He did this till she started to cry and it was obvious the pain was becoming unbearably. At this point the headmaster lifts up her skirt. We get a great glimpse of her white school girl panties and her very shapely bottom that is revealing a little redness.

The headmaster then inflicts a very special punishment, one that is only used in stubborn cases – a bitching. He has a handful of very stingy switches that whips her bottom with. She receives the spanking on her panties – not that her thin white panties offer much protection from the bite and sting of the birch. Linda is crying very real tears now and it’s obvious she is in a lot of discomfort, but the headmaster does not letup. Linda doesn’t think she can possibly take any more – OHH, but she will. The headmaster pulls down her panties and begins her punishment in earnest.

At the Girls Boarding School, all punishments are delivered on the bare bottom. Spankings given on panties or other clothing is just a preliminary warm up. Linda’s bare bottom is very well spanked and punished in this video. This is really a very find production from The Girls Boarding Schooll.

Painful Belt Spanking of Naked Girl

Harsh Nude Belting   Naked Girl Severe Belting

This is Rebeka at the Girls Boarding School, she was caught smoking marijuana which is a MAJOR no-no at the GBS. They have very strict rules about drug use. Rebeka was immediately striped completely naked. She was instructed to get on her and knees, like she was doing a push up.

The head master took off his thick leather belt and told her to count down from 20. He whipped her bare ass with his belt. With each crack Rebeka did all she could to keep her balance and not forget what number she was on. The head master delivered every single blow of the belt with significant force. She was not given any light spanks. Each blow cracked loudly on the bare flesh of her bottom.

Rebeka’s bottom turned a bright red from the belt spanking she received. Each blow on her bare bottom added an extra stripe and made the overlapping areas more intensely red.

I always love watching a real and harsh belt spanking video. There is nothing quite as erotic as the sound of a thick leather belt cracking on the bare flesh of a perfect ass. If you would like to watch this full video visit The Girls Boarding School.

Lexa gets Spanked with a Tawse and Paddle

Padddled On Bare Bottom   Diaper Position Paddling

The unfortunate girl receiving a severe spanking in this gallery is Lexa and she is a new resident of The Girls Boarding School. Lexa arrived with a bad attitude. She was was used to living a very spoiled life and had never been disciplined before. As a result she was very sassy and obstinate. Her parents didn’t want to punish her so they sent her off to The Girls Boarding School.

Lexa is in for a very rude awaking. The headmaster does not tolerate sassy girls!!! He showed up at her dorm room with a paddle and tawse, not for a particular infraction, but just to let her now what she is in for if her attitude does not change. The head master stop this problem early with some strict domestic discipline.

Lexa has a very thick and shapely butt which the headmaster spanked quite harshly with a tawse. He spanked one side of her buttock very good and then switched to the other side. Her bare ass was very well marked from the tawse. Considering that this is probably the first time Lexa has been spanked her bottom will probably bruise up from the rather severe tawsing.

This did not end Lexa’s punishment! The headmaster wants to be very clear that he is the boss and that he sets the rules which must be obeyed at GBS. He does this by paddling Lexa’s already very sore bottom and he paddles her in the diaper position.

Diaper position spanking is often used as a form of humiliation or show who the boss it. A girl being spanked in the diaper position is very venerable. Her genitals are on display and the very tender area of her upper thighs is very easy to hit. You can watch all of Lexa’s punishment at The Girls Boarding School.