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Exciting Spanking Video Clip


In this latest addition to our ever growing collection of spanking movies we get to see gorgeous blonde schoolgirl Michaela receiving some strict corporal punishment from her headmaster. Despite  coming across as quite cocky at first, Michaela was crying after just a few strokes of the headmaster’s paddle. However, this headmaster was not going top let his young pupils tears soften him. In fact, the more Michaela cried, the more the headmaster seemed to relish spanking her badly bruised backside.

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Horny Girl Gets A Good Bum Spanking


They take punishment very seriously in the intense finishing schools overseas. Corporal punishment is always an acceptable way to make sure to teach naughty girls the errors of their ways. Striping their ass is sometimes the only way that they get the clue, especially when they get to see it later as it is recorded for their classmates viewing enjoyment. The upperclassmen especially love to administer the punishments for their underclassmen, since they know what a good caning across the ass and cunt can do for reinforcing the lesson.

This little girl was caught skipping class and sneaking out behind the school to connect with friends from another school. When an upper classman caught her, she brought in the school proctor to record her bum spanking as an appropriate punishment for the transgression. The girl knew she was caught, but she still whined when the cane hit her across her still-covered ass. You’d think she never been caned before, but the upperclassman made sure that she was going to remember this particular lesson.

Since she was sneaking out to fuck her boy, it was only right that she get in the position she was going to let him have. The upperclassman put her on all fours and stripped her down so that the cane would really have the proper effect. Not only did that slutty little girl cry from having her ass striped red, she ended up soaking wet as well. She must have been punished before for her to react that way, so she probably tried to get caught. It didn’t matter, the upperclassman tanned her ass just the same until that little slut was barely able to stand. It was a nice, long lesson this time, so perhaps next time the skipping girl would think more with her head, then with her cunt.

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Sweet Red Ass From School

It seems like there’s no way to escape the daily punishment at the school. I know that they said corporal punishment was a daily thing, but sometimes even the girls need a break, we need to sit down sometime! That doesn’t matter though, when one of the seniors, or proctors decides that your ass needs to be red, it needs to be red, and there’s just nothing you can do about it.


When one of the hall monitors stopped me, I told him that I was hurrying to class since I didn’t want to be late. That didn’t matter to him though, he just told me he would make it quick as he dragged me off to the discipline room. At least he was true to his word, he just made me pull down my jeans and bend over so he could paddle me. That wood paddle really hurt! He said he reserved it for speed spankings, but it still just made me so red, especially when I realized how wet I was from the spanking. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sit through the next period, but that wasn’t the worst part of it. I still ended up late, so I got spanked again on my red ass by my next teacher!


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Bitch Screams in Pleasure While Being Spanked


The rules at the school are just so strict, one infraction and you can get grounded for weeks. It’s like they want us to go totally stir crazy so we break grounding and get into even more trouble! I was just a few minutes late and was grounded for two weeks. I really wanted to see my friend though, so I broke the rule just to head down to the grounds and see her for a few minutes. The proctor was waiting for me to get back! I just knew I was going to get it bad that time.


He pulled me off to one of the private rooms and told me that if I was going to sneak out of my room I’d just have to stay in this one while he punished me. It is the room where they make the spanking movies that remind us when we have been bad. He brought out his cane, so I knew it was going to hurt. I was barely able to take the strikes when he worked me over through my panties, but I just had to take the punishment or I knew I’d get it worse! He striped my poor ass when he pulled off my panties until I could barely stand, but even when it was over I wasn’t done. He told me that I was going to get the same treatment every night that I was supposed to be grounded. I’m not sure I will be able to take it, if it hurts more every time!


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