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Punished for Smoking

punished for smoking

All the girls know a few places around campus you can sneak off to when you want to escape for a few minutes. Considering how often we all get our butts beat it can be such a relief to escape and sneak a few pieces of candy, or a smoke. We all thought those places were safe, but we didn’t know that they were just traps set by the teachers!

I just took a couple of puffs from my stash when a proctor grabbed me by the neck. He said he watched me for a while and now it was time to get punished for smoking and sneaking away from the classes. He didn’t have far to go, so that was proof they set this up to catch the girls. There was a cross bar and he strung me up and then brought out his cane. He told me it was time to teach me to quit as he hit me. My ass got sooo red so quickly, it hurt so badly that I’ll never have another cigarette again!

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Intense Beating with Shoe

shoe spanking

I know the school is big on tradition; they make us wear uniforms, and talk properly and even walk properly. I thought that was just part of the tradition, until I saw someone get pulled aside and spanked in the hallway, that was just a little too traditional for me! I tried to leave, but they didn’t let me. Since I was enrolled I had to stay, and they told me that a bit of private punishment was in store for anyone that leaves.

They sent me immediately to the principal’s office with the note that I tried to leave. He really disapproved of that and made me pull down my panties and bend over. I thought I knew what to expect, but when his hand hit my ass I couldn’t help but jump because it hurt so badly! My ass wasn’t the only thing that turned red as he spanked me, but the worst was yet to come. He told me that the bare-handed spanking was just a warm up, and proper discipline required him to do a little shoe spanking. I didn’t think anything would hurt as badly as his hand, but that shoe just hit so hard I couldn’t help crying out. This was just for trying to leave too, I really don’t want to see what happens if I do something really wrong!

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Brutal Corporal Punishment

corporal punishment

Most of the time when we get in trouble at the school, we get the punishment right there. Either we get our spanking in front of everyone, or they send us off to a quiet room so that the instructor or proctor can get to us at their convenience. They then get to us and we get our ass reddened, so that we can get on with our day and not miss out on any other classes or our duties as they are assigned to us.

When I got sent to me room for my corporal punishment I knew I was loads of trouble! I was just trying to get an extra little help on my test, but they accused me of stealing! I just grabbed a pencil, but they said I needed to go to my room and wait for my punishment. If I was going to miss a whole day, that meant something really bad was waiting for me. The anticipation was horrible, and when the proctor showed up I begged for mercy. He refused and brought out this big, wide belt. He told me that I should barely speak, and then beat my ass red, then black and blue. I didn’t even realize the camera was there when he made me pull down my panties to work me over harder. I had to cry again when I saw each blow in slow motion, in front of the entire rest of the class.

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Misbehaving Girl Gets Due Punishment

misbehaving girl

Naughty little girls usually don’t get the discipline they truly need. It takes a heavy hand for them to realize their mistakes, especially when they haven’t managed to get it for so long. That’s when you need someone with a strong sense of order, and a powerful motivation to see them behave to come in and smack their asses until they understand how bad it is to be naughty without permission.

This particular brown-haired slut thought that she could just play with herself in her room without anyone noticing even though she was under orders not to get into trouble. She left the door open though, so when our discipline instructor saw her he had to take the problem into his own hands. He made sure that he spanked her bare ass all over until her ass was as red as her wet pussy, and considering how she was stroking herself, he made sure she wasn’t going to sit properly for a week! That was only the first course though, because when this naughty girl tried to beg him to stop it proves that the lesson hasn’t had the chance to sink in fully, so he beat her cute ass until she barely could whimper in response.

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Uncomfortable Paddling Position

uncomfortable paddling

It was just a harmless prank this time! I knew I could get in trouble, but everyone knew that the principle always left his locker unlocked and that he stayed out of the office most of the day. The other girls dared me to go in, they even got my cell number so they could call me and warn me if the professor came back.

I got into his private locker and found his book. I was supposed to change the demerits on a few of the girls’ so their weekly punishment would be worse. They didn’t tell me when he showed up so I just ended up trapped in his office. I thought he wouldn’t notice me, but they told him! Before he opened the door he made me strip out of my pants and panties. He said that if I didn’t it would be so much worse. I don’t think anything could be worse than that paddle of his! There were rumors f his personal paddle, but I couldn’t believe it was bad until the first blow landed on my ass. That paddle felt like it was sinking inches into my ass, and worse still, it barely left a mark! I ended up red, bruised down deep, I even felt the shocks through my pussy while he bent me over, but even though I could barely stand, there weren’t many bruises.

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