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Lashed and Tortured

lashed and tortured

Some sluts beg for punishment, they love being suspended, strung up, whipped, beaten and bruised. It takes a little bit more to find the triggers for them, since just pain won’t get the idea across when I want them to understand they are supposed to be repentant. Each one has their limit though, and I wouldn’t be a good master if I didn’t understand what makes them tick.

Sydney is a true painslut, and loves getting lashed all over her body. What she thought I didn’t know is how she can’t stand to be exposed. So I have the perfect punishment for her, using one of my favorite spreader toys so that my mistress friend got to see exactly how wet Sydney gets when she is lashed. When she realized her pussy was going to be on display she practically begged to be let loose, of course I couldn’t have that until that pussy and ass of hers got nicely striped red and my Mistress friend saw how well and truly humiliated she was.

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Bullwhip Spanking Makes Slave Cry

bullwhip spanking

Sometimes it’s not about the discipline, or the punishment. Why do I need an excuse to give a painslut a good whipping, after all? Sometimes I just like the sight of whip marks on pale skin, and the writhing of a woman as I mark her with every whip stroke.

This time I wanted to practice with my old favorite bullwhip, so I brought out my favorite single-tail painslut. I don’t think she knew what to expect, since I wanted to see her reaction when I brought out my toy. She reacted just how I hoped, since I love the fear on her face as reaction to my little toy. Of course, that doesn’t compare in the slightest to how she reacts when the whip marks her cute breasts and even lashes against her cunt. Every squeek, and every scream and moan brings a smile to my face, especially as more and more welts show up on her perfect skin.

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Schoolgirl Spanking Causes Red Ass

schoolgirl spanking

I know when we go into the school they tell us that there is no privacy, but even a girl has to have a few places where she can go and keep her private things. All the girls find places to stash their personal stuff, and it’s all harmless, right?

Well, not for me! They came in, did a room inspection, and found my stash. I mean, it was just a few naughty magazines, and some candy I snuck in to the school, but I thought I hid it well enough. I never saw a bag filled with so many spanking tools! When I saw them all my cheeks turned red, even though I felt a funny heat between my thighs. That didn’t last long though when he bent me over and started paddling me with his brush. It was almost worse than the canes and the other paddles, and it made my ass sooo red!

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Overwhelming Pain from Whipping

overwhelming pain

I have a friend, a fellow top mistress that has a weakness for certain types of girls. She loves to see those girls that usually are so athletic and so used to pain writhing from pain they never knew they can endure. It gets her off when these hot little sluts start discovering what true pain is, especially when the training turns them into good little slaves.

This particular slave was sold as a dancer, and she had excellent skills. She had no problems showing off her tits and her pussy, and she said she was used to pain because she danced for so long. That was enough for my friend, and she decided that the girl needed a good lesson. I may think that I am vicious, but when she starts striping a new girls’ ass I can’t compare to her skill at finding the places that get a painslut screaming in pain.

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Cutie Gets a Red Bum From this Spanking

As much as I like my private time with my pain slaves, it is sometimes good to have someone there to assist me. Of course when that assistant is another one of my bottoms that is just happy that she is not the one getting punished that day, it makes an interesting dynamic when my sluts watch each other in pain.

In this case my blonde slave was in trouble for neglecting her duties, so I decided to let her slave sister watch as I applied the proper discipline. Of course, she didn’t just watch, every time I lashed my little painslut she was there with a giggle, or a comment. It did make things nice and interesting though, I think the humiliation got to my slave because when I lashed her cunt I noticed a distinct bit of wetness between her thighs. I made sure she was covered in nice welts from top to bottom, though I think my shorthaired little slut has a little surprise coming. I dislike gloating just as much, so she’s next over the bench.

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Fucktoy Gets a Lesson in Pain

I love seeing a little fucktoy twisting and dancing for my enjoyment. It’s amazing how much skill you can provoke from a painslut with the careful application of a lash. Just a few blows that make her clothes go away, and then a couple of lash marks across their ass and all of a sudden they have found their rhythm.

This blonde slut had a little bit of ballet training, but we don’t need ballet when we want a wicked little cunt that can show off around a stripper pole as well as they ride our poles. She even started trying to explain that her dancing was better then what I wanted. A few lashes across her ass soon cured her of that particular delusion. It didn’t matter what she knew, I wanted my little painslut dancing for me, and a few lashes across her cunt convinced her that my way is always the best way.

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