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Busty Painslut Gets Whipped

painslut gets beaten

Some wicked little sluts need stronger discipline then others. They think they can get out of control of their masters, especially when their masters’ don’t have the proper facilities to punish them. That’s when I am glad to offer my space, because just the change of location can get a painslut thinking about what is to come.

This particularly stubborn little cunt was giving her owner all sorts of problems, enough that he finally asked to use my facilities so she could get whipped properly. She struggled at the idea that I was going to whip her, right up until he grabbed a double handful of her hair and pulled her up so I had complete access to her tits and pussy. The lash took to her skin so well, she was covered with welts very quickly, and she couldn’t hold her cries when I made sure that this wicked cunt’s cunt was lashed over and over.

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Red Ass Paddled

paddled ass

The school makes sure that we know that it isn’t just the paddle that is our punishment. They want to humiliate us, and make sure that everyone knows that we’re being bad girls. So when they say we’ve done something particularly bad, they make a spanking movie and show it to everyone so we get even more humiliation!

This time it wasn’t even my fault! Someone told a proctor that I cheated off them on a test, just because our answers were the same. I think she cheated, not me, but she got to them first. I found out when a proctor came into my room and told me to bend over my table. They said it was so bad they needed to make sure I had a memory of the lesson. Not only did they paddle me until I could barely sit down, but they took video of the whole thing and made me watch it later. It’s so humiliating to hear yourself crying while they make your ass red.

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OTK Spanking

OTK Spanking

The school always gets these bright ideas where they think they will improve discipline and test scores for all the students. I hate it because we always take the brunt of these experiments, even when they don’t work. All that happens is they get another excuse to spank us, and we end up not able to walk for days!

This week’s bright idea was paired testing, where one girl would get spanked while the other girl had to do her test. It was so bad, I went first and I completed my test so fast my partner almost didn’t get spanked at all, when it was her turn though she was so slow! The teacher got to paddle me with his hand and his brush, and she kept getting all the answers wrong! It just kept getting worse and worse and my ass got so red! I don’t like this kind of testing, it’s too easy for someone to get it so much worse!

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Suspended Submissive gets Brutal Caning

brutal caning

I love my slaves ready to expose themselves at a moment’s notice. If they have no shame, they will have no problems providing proper service no matter what the demand. It does take a little bit of extra training though, the type of discipline that forces them to realize their body is nothing special, and that if I want to see their pussy, or I want them to serve as a whipping toy at any moment, that’s their role.

It’s easy to get that into their heads, all you need to do is expose them, and make them think about their body at every second. A good inverted and spread suspension let me admire this particular slave’s nice cunt and give her appropriate compliments every time she twitched at the strike of my crop or cane. When she couldn’t be upside-down any longer, I had another toy just for her. My cage kept her nice and bent over so that I could land every blow right near her pussy if I wanted.

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Severe Caned Ass

caned raw

We all need to get out sometimes, but the boarding school is dedicated to keeping us in. Any time we go away we get spanked, or grounded, or worse! They tell us it’s for our own good, but I just think they like excuses to bring out their canes and paddles. I mean, I had to go out to get some of my medicine, but since it was outside designated hours, they grounded me!

They told me I made it worse when I went out to meet with my friend Lotti. I was sure I wasn’t spotted, but someone tattled on me. Well, that brought out the proctor with the cane. I may have been bad, but I don’t think I deserved getting my panties pulled down and bent over! He is just an evil, evil man, because he didn’t let me up until my ass was a mess of bruises, and he humiliated me by making sure he knew that my pussy was on display the entire time.

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Schoolgirl has Spanked Red Ass

spanked ass

The professors at the school sure have some strange notions of discipline. I knew that I was going to get my ass spanked as punishment, but sometimes the professors just find an excuse to pull you aside, even when you haven’t done anything wrong. It can be sooo humiliating, especially if you get caught when everyone else gets away.

I should have guessed something was up when everyone cleared the hallway, but I missed that one of the proctors was looking for someone for their daily discipline! That doesn’t even mean punishment, they just think it instills proper behavior. Luckily he just used his hand, but it still made my ass so red I didn’t think I would sit all day. When he pulled down my panties, I tried not to squirm but bare handed spankings always get me wet. I thought he didn’t notice but he made me stand in the corner for being such a naughty girl, so I wouldn’t soak my panties!

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The Best Russian Discipline

russian discipline

I know getting into this school was supposed to be a privilege, but sometimes I am not sure I can take the punishments! They are so mean, since they don’t just want to punish you a lot of the time, they want to humiliate you too. So they will find you and some of your best friends and make sure they punish you together.

This time the proctors decided my roommate and me didn’t keep our room as clean as they wanted. So they found me and made me strip and stand there until they found my roommate, and only then they started punishing us. If you think there is nothing worse than being bent over naked and having your bare ass caned, try it when you have one of your best friends whimpering and crying right next to you. They wanted to make sure we couldn’t sit or lay down in our room until it was clean, so they caned both our asses!

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