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Bound and Punished

bound and punished

A few of my girlfriends told me they were all going to a Halloween party and they wanted me to come along. It was at a club they all knew about and they’d gone before, they told me that I’d have a ‘blast’. I went along, since I was looking for a bit of fun, but when I got there I got pulled aside and told I needed to go through ‘orientation’.

What kind of prank was this? I thought it must be a joke as I got stripped and tossed in a prison uniform, I mean, these costumes were going a bit far, weren’t they? It got worse when they brought in one of my girlfriends, she was bottomless, and she barely wanted to talk to me! I found out why when they dragged me into another room and stripped me naked.

Ohh, it was so humiliating when they bent me over a bar with my ass in the air. Then they started caning me! I can’t imagine any more pain as my ass ended up sooo red. They told me they would let me go to enjoy the ‘party’ only when I understood that this was a preview of what would happen to me if I broke the rules.

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Tattooed Redhead Gets Spanked

spanked redhead

A lot of girls, deep down know what a wicked little thing they are. They crave the structure of proper discipline; they crave that sting that tells them that they are a bad girl. The pain sends them to a nice place where they are little girls getting their spankings for being naughty. It doesn’t matter that they are naughty in different ways, they still want the punishment.

This hot redhead named Sophia was practically begging for her chance to bend over to receive her caning. Her amazing ass took the cane so well and turned bright red very quickly. The color on her ass was almost as good as the sounds coming out of her mouth. Her gasps and moans were delicious, even as she begged for more and more. She just wanted to show off completely, and even giggled as she was inspected afterward to make sure all her marks were satisfactory.

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Spanked Teen Cries in Pain

teen spanked

The school says that whenever we have any problems, we can talk to the school councilor. She is supposed to be some qualified psychiatrist or something like that, so she is supposed to listen to us. I’d never been there before, but the school was really starting to wear on me! I didn’t know that she was as bad as the rest of them!

She told me that all I really needed was a way to refocus on what was really important, and she said that pain was the best way! I didn’t need another spanking, but she told me to bend over while she brought out her wooden paddle. Some form of counseling, she just told me to focus on the pain and how my life could be worse. It didn’t help that she kept complimenting on my red ass, I think my face was as red, and I didn’t think talking to her would mean I couldn’t sit for a week, some ‘counseling’!

Watch her scream

Schoolgirl gets Public Caning Outdoors

public caning

I know that smoking is a bad habit, but when you’ve been stuck in a school like this as long as I have, you need something to relieve a bit of the stress! I mean, between the proctors, and the teachers, and getting my ass turned red at every opportunity a girl just needs to sneak away and get a little peace while she gets a drag now and again.

Most of the girls went to the same place, we thought that the teachers didn’t know about it, but we were wrong! It was almost an ambush, they kept the place under watch and caught me when the other girls left. I don’t know why they pick on me, but when I saw the cross-bar in the garden, I knew this wasn’t the first time they punished one of us outside. He didn’t leave until my ass was all red and welted, and to add humiliation, he made me stand outside for all the girls that passed by as a lesson to them!

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Girl Gets Red Bum from Hairbrush Spanking

red bum

It’s amazing what a few girls can get up to when we let them have their way. We always think that we’re giving them such a bad time when we bend them over and let them have it with a spanking, but sometimes it’s just what they’re looking for! We don’t even find that out until we let them interact with just each other, and see what mischief they can get into.

These three girls were having their own little sleepover, when one of them mentioned that she never understood the appeal of a good spanking. The other two were very happy to show her what it felt like when a good barehanded spanking warms a girl’s bottom. Just a few strikes across a nicely warmed bottom had her begging for more, and they were more than oblige with the help of their brush so she could get a nice feel of several different ways of getting an ass nice and red.

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Schoolgirl Receives Harsh Paddling

harsh paddling

Apparently the school wasn’t satisfied that they were producing ‘proper’ young girls. It didn’t matter that they were spanking us, and we were all behaving so well, they wanted to make sure we had all the etiquette parts down too! How are we supposed to keep track of which fork is which, and how to walk straight, and what to wear to a debutante ball?

I thought I could get out of it, and managed to sneak out of the class, but one of the professors caught me. He told me that at least he was going to make sure that I learned proper posture, so he took me out to one of the private buildings. I don’t think posture training means that I have to have my ass turned red while keeping all those books on me! I don’t know how they expect me to walk straight when I get spanked so hard that I can barely move at all!

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Over the Knee, Bare Ass Spanking

otk spanking

The school doesn’t like standardized tests, they may be all the rage these days, but they say that it is a horrible way to judge whether a girl really can learn under pressure. So they bring in their own measure of testing, and we all get to suffer from their testing methods. Almost all the girls run, but when they call you and your roommate in, what can you do?

I always do my best to get done with my tests quickly so my roommate doesn’t get her as beat too hard, but then when she looked at me I knew I was in so much trouble! I thought she forgot about the time she got spanked for my dirty half of the room, but once the questions started I knew she didn’t forget. She deliberately screwed up and missed questions just so he would pull down my skirt and really beat my ass! I was so embarrassed at how red I got when he spanked me, it was even worse than being unable to sit properly for the rest of the day.

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Girls Spanking Girls

girls spanking girls

Every once in a while we get a class that just will not behave. I suppose when you run a boarding school, that is to be expected, but most classes understand our punishment system. The new girls may get a few spankings here and there, but most of the time that prevents them from acting up in classes.

This class thought that there was no way we would punish them all at once, but we were quite glad to show them that they were sorely mistaken. There is nothing like a bit of public humiliation to keep the girls in line, and though getting spanked through a skirt might not be too bad, being paddled bare assed definitely sets an example. Of course, a few of the girls ended up turned on by their discipline, even though they tried to hide it. Those are the girls that we keep our eyes on, because they can cause problems in the future as they try to get punished.

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