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Spanked and Humiliated

spanked and humiliated

I don’t care what they say, I don’t think that I am a naughty girl just because I tend to have a smart mouth. I mean, I love doing what I can for my boyfriend, and I love how commanding he is, but geez, sometimes I do have to object a little bit, right? He says I’m his favorite little toy, and that he wants to be able to show me off because I am such a favorite, but I need to learn how to behave when I’m around others. Pfft, it’s not like I don’t know how to act, even if I’m not as polite as he wants most of the time.

He told me the other day that he had someone I was going to meet who might give me a different perspective on discipline. I figured it couldn’t be so bad, because he told me was going to be there the entire time. Well, when we got there, this person was older, and the way he looked at me just made me shiver all over. I was going to leave until he told me to strip, and I just couldn’t say no! He examined me all over, and it was sooo humiliating I couldn’t stop blushing. That wasn’t all of it though, he said I would be very pretty to show off to everyone, but I needed to let go and get comfortable with my body. When he had me bend over so everyone could see my pussy it was even worse, but somehow I still got soo turned on by the whole thing.

Watch her shame HERE

Spanked Red Ass

spanked red ass

Here at our boarding school, we don’t just try and make sure the girls get a good conventional education. We make sure that they have good work ethics as well. They have to do chores, and keep their private and public areas clean. They have to do a good job as well, because they will get punished for infractions there as well. We can’t stand any of the girls slacking in any part of their education, practical or domestic.

This little girl made the mistake of doing a shoddy job when it was her turn to do the dishes. She thought that the next person could make up for her slack. We couldn’t let her get away with that kind of thinking, if she is going to do a poor job on one thing, she might slack in other things as well. So we made her do them again, but this time our proctors monitored her and gave her proper motivation on her little ass every time she slowed down. She may have whined and cried, but by the end of the training her ass was cherry red, and every single one of those dishes was clean.

Watch the video HERE

Severe Caning Punishment

severe caning punishment

It takes a certain level of discipline to keep a school running. That’s the problem these days, no one has respect for old-fashioned ways of keeping the students in order. It is such a waste, because you can bring up some excellent people when you are given a free hand in handling their punishments. That’s one of the reasons this boarding school has such exemplary students; we use whatever techniques we wish to give them the proper motivation, and in return they give us their best efforts.

Sometimes a regularly good student can slip though, and when that happens we step in and administer a proper corrective action. This girl was doing well in her classes, and so we thought she wasn’t a problem, until we discovered she was letting her personal hygiene and room cleanliness slip. We couldn’t let that happen, so we placed her in the position of her offence and gave her a punishment fitting the crime. She had to kneel on the bed while we caned her upturned ass. She was normally a good student though, so we let her keep her clothes on for most of the caning, but she needed to appreciate why she is not supposed to let her work slip. She had to see the results, so we had her strip so she could see the red welts across her ass, and know what would happen next time she slipped again.

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Severe Belt Spanking

belt spanking

It’s never a good thing when a proctor hunts you down. All the girls spend as much time as possible avoiding them, because they know it always leads to punishment. I do my best too, because I hate the belts and paddles the proctors always have with them. I can handle a bare-handed spanking, but some of them just go too far, and it’s more then I can take! So I do my best to stay out of their way, and usually do a good job!

This time the proctor actually visited me in my room! I didn’t do anything wrong, but he told me that I was due for a more ‘intensive’ discipline session so I wouldn’t forget the school’s policy. You have no idea how humiliating it is to have to watch while they set up a spanking station, but the humiliation isn’t nearly as bad as the feeling of that first belt crack across your ass! I hate belts, they always leave my ass so bruised that I can barely move. The proctor seems to take extra pleasure in humiliating me, since he made me strip, and when he was done, he told me to stand in the corner until my roommate got back, to remind her that she was next!

See the punishment HERE