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Paddled Schoolgirl made to Cry

paddled schoolgirl

Some of the girls that attend the school get sent here for disciplinary reasons, others attend because they seek a higher education. We pride ourselves on the fact that our methods of teaching produce very effective results, even among students that may otherwise not do as well. When we apply the proper forms of motivation to each individual student, tailored for their education, we can take even the most unfocused student, and turn them around.

This particular girl was showing struggles in several subjects, so she qualified for a more intensive training lesson so that she would progress in her classes. One of our teachers pulled her aside for some after school training, where she was instructed to go over the material from the quiz, while he applied sufficient motivation to keep her going. It is amazing what results you can achieve when you properly redden and paddle a student’s behind after stripping them of their coverings. The humiliation and pain are true motivators to higher education, because she really put her head into her books. Our teacher was quite happy to make sure she went through and answered each quiz question correctly, while the paddle accented her incorrect answers, so she made the appropriate corrections.

See her ass get bruised HERE

Overlooked Holiday Spanking

I had this pic ready to go for Christmas day and some shit came up and I totally spaced on it. Better late than never I always say though. Enjoy!

holiday spanking

Holidays are here, and it’s time for stockings, fireplaces, tinsel, and wicked little girls trying to find their way off the ‘naughty’ list. It’s fun to watch them do almost anything to seem like they are not naughty, they are nice, but deep down it just makes them even more naughty. There is not much you can do for a girl on that list except give them a bit of extra…incentive to be nice for the following year.

This assistant elf was lazy and didn’t get any of her stuff done by the time she was supposed to, so she was very naughty and had to suffer the proper punishment from her holiday daddy. Luckily for her he was happy to oblige and use his big hands to show her how proper discipline can make every holiday better! His big hands made short work of her cute little ass, and she tried to squirm away from him as he worked her over. That’s a big no-no for him, so he pulled down her tight little panties so he would have an easier time getting to her perky behind. He was very thorough and made her ass as red as Rudolf’s nose, just for this special holiday!

See her punished HERE

Over the Knee Red Spanked Ass

spanked red ass

When my master told me that he wanted me to go to the gym more often, I couldn’t understand why! I mean, he loves my body, and we have great sex, and it keeps me nice and trim for him. He said that he wanted me healthy though, so I sort of went to the gym half-heartedly. I figured I could keep it up for a while until he got tired of paying for it, and then I could stay home! I didn’t realize he’d figure out that I wasn’t really doing any work.

He told me that he set me up with a ‘special’ trainer, and that if I didn’t follow every single one of his instructions, I’d get into lots of trouble. I’d been to one of his special trainers before, so I really wasn’t looking forward to this one. The guy was kinda creepy with that silly moustache, but he wanted to see what I did for my workout. I gave a couple of toe touches, but he just told me I was being a lazy girl, and that he had to see what he had to work with. It was so humiliating when he touched me all over, but it was even worse when he started giving me a spanking on my ass! I didn’t want to get into even more trouble, but I don’t think he knew that my face was nearly as red as my behind!

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