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Mouth Washed out with Soap and Wooden Spoon Spanking

wooden spoon spanking

When I found this room for rent, I thought I was lucky as hell, the room was cheap, and apparently, the home was owned by the nice little old lady that just wanted to give a room to some young student. She said that she had a few requirements for her tenants, because she was tired of all the youngsters that just weren’t brought up right. I figured she just was a doting mother that had some motherly rules, so I took the room. Gee, I had no idea how ‘old fashioned’ her rules are!

Things went well enough at first, I helped around the house, but things went to a totally wrong place when I forgot my chores, and talked back to her when she told me to get them done! She just gave me this look, and told me to get in the kitchen and get my clothes off, or she would kick me out into the street. I didn’t think I could tremble that much when I stood in front of the sink, in just my panties, waiting for her. She told me that I was a good girl, I just needed to show more respect for my elders, and then she pulled down my panties and smacked my ass! It hurt and was so embarrassing! It was even worse though when she said that such vulgar language should never come out of my mouth, and stuck a bar of soap in my mouth! This lady humiliated me sooo much, and my ass turned bright red when she was done, but I couldn’t let her kick me out!

See her mouth washed out with soap and more of her spanking HERE

Schoolgirl Discipline

caning video

I knew that getting into this school, and this house was going to be hard, but I didn’t realize they took their rules so seriously! Their little pink uniforms are so cute, I thought at first I would love them, but do you know how hard it is to keep them clean, nice, and they had such high standards. Sure, I heard rumors of what some of the girls went through as punishment with the sisters, but no one still does that stuff anymore do they?

Sure, I got a little lax keeping my uniform pressed, nice and such, but I thought I still looked nice. No one noticed, at least not until they caught me skipping out on my cleaning duties for the house. Then they decided that my uniform just wasn’t up to their standards. They said that if I couldn’t keep it clean I didn’t deserve to wear it! That’s when I learned the rumors were true, they had a private room where they administered lessons to the girls. They pulled my skirt up and my panties down, and I was so embarrassed I couldn’t stop them. They have a whole cabinet of canes and paddles, and I think they tried every one out on my ass. It hurt so much, but they said they went easy on me. I just can’t imagine what ‘hard’ must be then!

Video of caning HERE