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Pre-emptive Quirt Spanking

quirt spanking

Every new student gets an orientation when they enter the boarding school. We do not accept anyone that will not comply and cannot understand that proper discipline is necessary for a good school experience. We have rules for behavior, and uniform, and a proctor gives every new entrant to the school those instructions personally. That includes a demonstration of how we provide our students with their needed discipline.

This particular student bounced from school to school, and became a discipline problem at every one. She was rowdy, and disrespectful, so most schools would not take her. She was perfect for our brand of discipline, and we made sure one of our most skilled proctors gave her the orientation. He made her get into the uniform right in front of him, despite her objections, so she understood that privacy is no longer hers, and then bent her over so she could get a sample of what would happen to her if she misbehaved. He did go light on her though, and so he only used his hand, and his light quirt on her ass, and stopped before she would have problems sitting down. We can only hope that this provides her the necessary example she needs to avoid getting into trouble again.

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