A Severe Caning at The Girls Boarding School

Severe Caning Screaming Pain   Severe Caning Bare Bottom Teen

Ouch!!! Severe punishments like this are give out at The Girls Boarding School for serious infractions that involve drugs or alcohol. This girl will be in serious pain for some time. I’m sure she will not forget about this punishment!

She is made to strip off her panties and bend all the way over on a chair so that her little tight bum is fully bent and she is totally exposed. She is given a good number of swift strokes and she has all she can possibly do to keep her position on the chair. Each strike of the cane leaves a very nice double welt across her bottom. The headmaster then lands a final cane stroke that crosses her welts and this leaves a purple mark!! These stripes will probably stay on her bottom for a week or more. Just putting her panties back on will hurt!

Caning movie provided by the Girls Boarding School