Bare Ass Caning At The Girls Boarding School

Severe Bare Bottom Caning

One thing about light skinned girls is that bottoms mark up very easily. Even a light spanking can leave very nice red marks. And if they get a serious spanking (like our unfortunate school girl here) their bottoms completely welt up. Every cane stroke shows and it looks SOOOOO painful.

Now I’m sure that this bare bottom caning would mark up any girls bottom and those marks and welts would probably take 10 days or more to go away completely.

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When this girl is getting the cane she is told to grab on to her ankles a very difficult position to hold when the cane bites into her tender bottom. If you watch this spanking video you will see this girl struggling to maintain her balance and stay bent over with each stroke of the cane. That cane sure must sting and thinking of anything else but the pain must be near impossible.

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