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OTK spanking ends in red ass

red ass otk spank

You’d think someone raised over the ocean in England would come to us and be polite, and civilized, right? That is what the British image tends to cultivate, reserve, courtesy, decorum, someone that will act well no matter the circumstances. Well, we learned that it’s not always the case, sometimes you find ones that can act just as big a brat or bitch as some of the spoiled girls from over here. We will say though, it certainly is something we are willing to do for international relations though, by giving such women the discipline they deserve.

When we first enlisted Angelica Vamp for some modeling work, we thought we were going to be in for a treat by working with this lovely British babe. She turned out to be just as whiny, demanding, and irritating as any of her American counterparts. So we exercised our ‘discipline’ clause in the contract and pulled her over our laps for a right-proper spanking. She tried to stay stoic, but the more red her ass became, the more the British curses piled out. By the time she learned her lesson, she was reduced to just cute accented groans and whining.

She tries to endure, but she cries out for relief.

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Fucktoy Gets a Lesson in Pain

I love seeing a little fucktoy twisting and dancing for my enjoyment. It’s amazing how much skill you can provoke from a painslut with the careful application of a lash. Just a few blows that make her clothes go away, and then a couple of lash marks across their ass and all of a sudden they have found their rhythm.

This blonde slut had a little bit of ballet training, but we don’t need ballet when we want a wicked little cunt that can show off around a stripper pole as well as they ride our poles. She even started trying to explain that her dancing was better then what I wanted. A few lashes across her ass soon cured her of that particular delusion. It didn’t matter what she knew, I wanted my little painslut dancing for me, and a few lashes across her cunt convinced her that my way is always the best way.

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Misbehaving Girl Gets Due Punishment

misbehaving girl

Naughty little girls usually don’t get the discipline they truly need. It takes a heavy hand for them to realize their mistakes, especially when they haven’t managed to get it for so long. That’s when you need someone with a strong sense of order, and a powerful motivation to see them behave to come in and smack their asses until they understand how bad it is to be naughty without permission.

This particular brown-haired slut thought that she could just play with herself in her room without anyone noticing even though she was under orders not to get into trouble. She left the door open though, so when our discipline instructor saw her he had to take the problem into his own hands. He made sure that he spanked her bare ass all over until her ass was as red as her wet pussy, and considering how she was stroking herself, he made sure she wasn’t going to sit properly for a week! That was only the first course though, because when this naughty girl tried to beg him to stop it proves that the lesson hasn’t had the chance to sink in fully, so he beat her cute ass until she barely could whimper in response.

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