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Red Ass Caning Video

red ass caning

Some little spanking sluts just never know when there is an appropriate time for spanking, and when they should hold back and wait. They just love that bruised, sore feeling so much they can’t go more than a couple days without feeling that soreness through their ass, even when they are told they have to hold back. Well, it can certainly make things difficult when a girl has an appointment for a spanking, and someone wants you pristine for their attentions. They get so addicted that sometimes they can’t even hold back for that!

Sophie Parker is one of those models that knows better, too. When she shows up for the camera, she is supposed to have a pristine ass, so that we can be the ones to get it nice and red. This time her ass is still bruised from another spanking, probably quite a recent one as well! Sophie doesn’t even deny it, but still, she has to get punished, so this time she doesn’t just get spanked, we have to bring out the canes, otherwise who will know whether the marks are from us, or from her other partner? The marks we leave on her pretty ass are much more…defined, and will last much longer as a reminder as to why she should always follow instructions before showing up for a session.

See this video of Sophie being caned. CLICK HERE

Schoolgirl Discipline

caning video

I knew that getting into this school, and this house was going to be hard, but I didn’t realize they took their rules so seriously! Their little pink uniforms are so cute, I thought at first I would love them, but do you know how hard it is to keep them clean, nice, and they had such high standards. Sure, I heard rumors of what some of the girls went through as punishment with the sisters, but no one still does that stuff anymore do they?

Sure, I got a little lax keeping my uniform pressed, nice and such, but I thought I still looked nice. No one noticed, at least not until they caught me skipping out on my cleaning duties for the house. Then they decided that my uniform just wasn’t up to their standards. They said that if I couldn’t keep it clean I didn’t deserve to wear it! That’s when I learned the rumors were true, they had a private room where they administered lessons to the girls. They pulled my skirt up and my panties down, and I was so embarrassed I couldn’t stop them. They have a whole cabinet of canes and paddles, and I think they tried every one out on my ass. It hurt so much, but they said they went easy on me. I just can’t imagine what ‘hard’ must be then!

Video of caning HERE

Naughty Girl gets Caned

naughty girl caned

When we opened the school, the staff realized that we would need to provide constant maintenance and monitoring of the girls under our charge. So a great many of our staff choose to take residence up at the campus as well. Since we have our quarters on campus, we decided that it would give the girls a chance to work off some of their expenses, and provide a useful service for the professors and proctors that spend so much time educating them.

Unfortunately, some of the girls do not take as much joy in the opportunities we present them as they should, and our lessons in discipline must extend even outside the school walls proper. In this case, one of my girls who did an exceptional job in class was invited to partake of a meal with several other students and teachers. She knew we would have additional work for her, but she objected to cleaning the kitchen after the meal. We could not have that, so we had to remind her of her place at the school with a severe caning. I had guests waiting, so I was not able to properly strip her so she could get the full impact of the lesson, but I also made sure she knew her behavior was not acceptable, and further punishment would follow after the other guests left.

See her caned HERE

Severe Caning Punishment

severe caning punishment

It takes a certain level of discipline to keep a school running. That’s the problem these days, no one has respect for old-fashioned ways of keeping the students in order. It is such a waste, because you can bring up some excellent people when you are given a free hand in handling their punishments. That’s one of the reasons this boarding school has such exemplary students; we use whatever techniques we wish to give them the proper motivation, and in return they give us their best efforts.

Sometimes a regularly good student can slip though, and when that happens we step in and administer a proper corrective action. This girl was doing well in her classes, and so we thought she wasn’t a problem, until we discovered she was letting her personal hygiene and room cleanliness slip. We couldn’t let that happen, so we placed her in the position of her offence and gave her a punishment fitting the crime. She had to kneel on the bed while we caned her upturned ass. She was normally a good student though, so we let her keep her clothes on for most of the caning, but she needed to appreciate why she is not supposed to let her work slip. She had to see the results, so we had her strip so she could see the red welts across her ass, and know what would happen next time she slipped again.

See her punishment HERE

Tattooed Redhead Gets Spanked

spanked redhead

A lot of girls, deep down know what a wicked little thing they are. They crave the structure of proper discipline; they crave that sting that tells them that they are a bad girl. The pain sends them to a nice place where they are little girls getting their spankings for being naughty. It doesn’t matter that they are naughty in different ways, they still want the punishment.

This hot redhead named Sophia was practically begging for her chance to bend over to receive her caning. Her amazing ass took the cane so well and turned bright red very quickly. The color on her ass was almost as good as the sounds coming out of her mouth. Her gasps and moans were delicious, even as she begged for more and more. She just wanted to show off completely, and even giggled as she was inspected afterward to make sure all her marks were satisfactory.

See her punished HERE

Suspended Submissive gets Brutal Caning

brutal caning

I love my slaves ready to expose themselves at a moment’s notice. If they have no shame, they will have no problems providing proper service no matter what the demand. It does take a little bit of extra training though, the type of discipline that forces them to realize their body is nothing special, and that if I want to see their pussy, or I want them to serve as a whipping toy at any moment, that’s their role.

It’s easy to get that into their heads, all you need to do is expose them, and make them think about their body at every second. A good inverted and spread suspension let me admire this particular slave’s nice cunt and give her appropriate compliments every time she twitched at the strike of my crop or cane. When she couldn’t be upside-down any longer, I had another toy just for her. My cage kept her nice and bent over so that I could land every blow right near her pussy if I wanted.

CLICK HERE to see her scream

Severe Caned Ass

caned raw

We all need to get out sometimes, but the boarding school is dedicated to keeping us in. Any time we go away we get spanked, or grounded, or worse! They tell us it’s for our own good, but I just think they like excuses to bring out their canes and paddles. I mean, I had to go out to get some of my medicine, but since it was outside designated hours, they grounded me!

They told me I made it worse when I went out to meet with my friend Lotti. I was sure I wasn’t spotted, but someone tattled on me. Well, that brought out the proctor with the cane. I may have been bad, but I don’t think I deserved getting my panties pulled down and bent over! He is just an evil, evil man, because he didn’t let me up until my ass was a mess of bruises, and he humiliated me by making sure he knew that my pussy was on display the entire time.

CLICK HERE to witness this caning