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Severe Belt Spanking

belt spanking

It’s never a good thing when a proctor hunts you down. All the girls spend as much time as possible avoiding them, because they know it always leads to punishment. I do my best too, because I hate the belts and paddles the proctors always have with them. I can handle a bare-handed spanking, but some of them just go too far, and it’s more then I can take! So I do my best to stay out of their way, and usually do a good job!

This time the proctor actually visited me in my room! I didn’t do anything wrong, but he told me that I was due for a more ‘intensive’ discipline session so I wouldn’t forget the school’s policy. You have no idea how humiliating it is to have to watch while they set up a spanking station, but the humiliation isn’t nearly as bad as the feeling of that first belt crack across your ass! I hate belts, they always leave my ass so bruised that I can barely move. The proctor seems to take extra pleasure in humiliating me, since he made me strip, and when he was done, he told me to stand in the corner until my roommate got back, to remind her that she was next!

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Severe Belt Spanking

belt spanking

When they moved us out of the dorms they told it was for ‘cleaning’. I don’t know, I think they just wanted us into even more cramped quarters so they could keep an eye on us and give them more excuses to say we did something wrong. I saw more girls get punished while we were in those dorms in one week then I did almost all quarter before hand. We all were so tight we got irritable, and that’s when trouble happened.

I even witnessed a fight between two girls, but didn’t report it. The proctor found me anyway and told me there was no excuse for not telling on them. He told my roommate to get out, and that’s when I know I got caught in their little net. He told me that not reporting the fight deserved his most severe belt spanking, and made me strip down and get on the bed. I’ve been paddled before, but that belt is something else. I couldn’t help but cry as he whacked my ass with it and left me red from the top of my ass to the bottom. Then he made me go stand in the corner while he paraded the other girls past me as an object lesson, it was so embarrassing!

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Look at that nice red ass

nice red ass

I know that at the boarding school we’re supposed to share the chores equally, but sometimes I just don’t want to deal with all the crap from the other girls. I especially hate laundry, especially since so many girls actually like the punishments, and I have to deal with their soiled panties. Oh well, it gives me an excuse to hide from the teachers and proctors, most of the time anyway.

This time one of the teachers came down and asked me why I was just loitering there while the laundry was going, he didn’t think I was doing anything productive with my time. I tried to explain that I was waiting, but he didn’t want to hear it. He just made me bend over right there while he brought out his belt and beat me so badly across the ass! If that wasn’t enough, he made me crawl back up the stairs to the main building with my ass in the air, so everyone could see me! It was sooo humiliating, but at least I didn’t make a mess of my panties like some girls.

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Schoolgirl gets Public Caning Outdoors

public caning

I know that smoking is a bad habit, but when you’ve been stuck in a school like this as long as I have, you need something to relieve a bit of the stress! I mean, between the proctors, and the teachers, and getting my ass turned red at every opportunity a girl just needs to sneak away and get a little peace while she gets a drag now and again.

Most of the girls went to the same place, we thought that the teachers didn’t know about it, but we were wrong! It was almost an ambush, they kept the place under watch and caught me when the other girls left. I don’t know why they pick on me, but when I saw the cross-bar in the garden, I knew this wasn’t the first time they punished one of us outside. He didn’t leave until my ass was all red and welted, and to add humiliation, he made me stand outside for all the girls that passed by as a lesson to them!

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Schoolgirl has Spanked Red Ass

spanked ass

The professors at the school sure have some strange notions of discipline. I knew that I was going to get my ass spanked as punishment, but sometimes the professors just find an excuse to pull you aside, even when you haven’t done anything wrong. It can be sooo humiliating, especially if you get caught when everyone else gets away.

I should have guessed something was up when everyone cleared the hallway, but I missed that one of the proctors was looking for someone for their daily discipline! That doesn’t even mean punishment, they just think it instills proper behavior. Luckily he just used his hand, but it still made my ass so red I didn’t think I would sit all day. When he pulled down my panties, I tried not to squirm but bare handed spankings always get me wet. I thought he didn’t notice but he made me stand in the corner for being such a naughty girl, so I wouldn’t soak my panties!

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Schoolgirl Spanking Causes Red Ass

schoolgirl spanking

I know when we go into the school they tell us that there is no privacy, but even a girl has to have a few places where she can go and keep her private things. All the girls find places to stash their personal stuff, and it’s all harmless, right?

Well, not for me! They came in, did a room inspection, and found my stash. I mean, it was just a few naughty magazines, and some candy I snuck in to the school, but I thought I hid it well enough. I never saw a bag filled with so many spanking tools! When I saw them all my cheeks turned red, even though I felt a funny heat between my thighs. That didn’t last long though when he bent me over and started paddling me with his brush. It was almost worse than the canes and the other paddles, and it made my ass sooo red!

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Punished for Smoking

punished for smoking

All the girls know a few places around campus you can sneak off to when you want to escape for a few minutes. Considering how often we all get our butts beat it can be such a relief to escape and sneak a few pieces of candy, or a smoke. We all thought those places were safe, but we didn’t know that they were just traps set by the teachers!

I just took a couple of puffs from my stash when a proctor grabbed me by the neck. He said he watched me for a while and now it was time to get punished for smoking and sneaking away from the classes. He didn’t have far to go, so that was proof they set this up to catch the girls. There was a cross bar and he strung me up and then brought out his cane. He told me it was time to teach me to quit as he hit me. My ass got sooo red so quickly, it hurt so badly that I’ll never have another cigarette again!

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