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Stephanie Spanked

stephanie spanked otk

First time spankings are always special, because you just don’t know how a girl is going to react. Some of them come in all attitude, and we get to either prove, or break their attitude. Others come in acting like timid little mice, and we just love taking those girls and making them finally succumb to their fears of the big, bad spanking. Some of them will whimper, some will cry, some will moan, and many will get soaking wet as they experience their first intense spanking. Our disciplinarians just adore provoking all kinds of reactions from these naughty girls.

Since we are taking Stephanie Murray to school, we thought it only appropriate that she show up in uniform for her first ever over the knee spanking. Dani Daniels just loves breaking in new girls with her bare hand. Most of them think that Dani’s hand will give out before their ass will, and they are always sorely mistaken. In this case Dani turns Stephanie’s ass bright red with over 400 smacks on her cute little backside before she finally lets her up. Stephanie definitely has the attitude though; she sprang right up and declared that Dani missed a spot! This is one girl we’re going to have lots of fun seeing what we can use to turn her ass black and blue.

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Nimue spanked with crop

Nimue spanked with crop

The girls at the Pony Club do like the women with initiative, especially when it comes to fund-raising. They do have to keep some levels of decorum though, after all, we want to make sure we don’t scandalize the regular people, because that just is not the kind of attention that’s entirely appropriate. The girls need to realize that above all, they must act appropriately, and when they don’t, they have to suffer the consequences of their actions.

This time one of the girls decided to do her best Lady Godiva impression and interrupted the fund-raising. The audience appreciated the show, but Nimue did not get approval before her show. Well, Treasurer Pandora Blake pulled her aside and explained that you just do not act like that in public. She reinforced the lesson with a riding crop spanking of Ms. Nimue’s round backside. At first she thought it was a game, but the growing red and bruises soon had her squirming and realizing otherwise!

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Girl Gets Red Bum from Hairbrush Spanking

red bum

It’s amazing what a few girls can get up to when we let them have their way. We always think that we’re giving them such a bad time when we bend them over and let them have it with a spanking, but sometimes it’s just what they’re looking for! We don’t even find that out until we let them interact with just each other, and see what mischief they can get into.

These three girls were having their own little sleepover, when one of them mentioned that she never understood the appeal of a good spanking. The other two were very happy to show her what it felt like when a good barehanded spanking warms a girl’s bottom. Just a few strikes across a nicely warmed bottom had her begging for more, and they were more than oblige with the help of their brush so she could get a nice feel of several different ways of getting an ass nice and red.

See all the ways they make it red HERE

Girls Spanking Girls

girls spanking girls

Every once in a while we get a class that just will not behave. I suppose when you run a boarding school, that is to be expected, but most classes understand our punishment system. The new girls may get a few spankings here and there, but most of the time that prevents them from acting up in classes.

This class thought that there was no way we would punish them all at once, but we were quite glad to show them that they were sorely mistaken. There is nothing like a bit of public humiliation to keep the girls in line, and though getting spanked through a skirt might not be too bad, being paddled bare assed definitely sets an example. Of course, a few of the girls ended up turned on by their discipline, even though they tried to hide it. Those are the girls that we keep our eyes on, because they can cause problems in the future as they try to get punished.

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Horny Girl Gets A Good Bum Spanking


They take punishment very seriously in the intense finishing schools overseas. Corporal punishment is always an acceptable way to make sure to teach naughty girls the errors of their ways. Striping their ass is sometimes the only way that they get the clue, especially when they get to see it later as it is recorded for their classmates viewing enjoyment. The upperclassmen especially love to administer the punishments for their underclassmen, since they know what a good caning across the ass and cunt can do for reinforcing the lesson.

This little girl was caught skipping class and sneaking out behind the school to connect with friends from another school. When an upper classman caught her, she brought in the school proctor to record her bum spanking as an appropriate punishment for the transgression. The girl knew she was caught, but she still whined when the cane hit her across her still-covered ass. You’d think she never been caned before, but the upperclassman made sure that she was going to remember this particular lesson.

Since she was sneaking out to fuck her boy, it was only right that she get in the position she was going to let him have. The upperclassman put her on all fours and stripped her down so that the cane would really have the proper effect. Not only did that slutty little girl cry from having her ass striped red, she ended up soaking wet as well. She must have been punished before for her to react that way, so she probably tried to get caught. It didn’t matter, the upperclassman tanned her ass just the same until that little slut was barely able to stand. It was a nice, long lesson this time, so perhaps next time the skipping girl would think more with her head, then with her cunt.

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Girls Gets OTK Spanking

red bum spanking

Most guys thinks that they are the best when it comes to spanking, that we can’t stand being stand being seen bare-assed when they punish us. They can’t compare to the feelings when I get another girl telling me I did something wrong and bending me over her knee, it’s so embarrassing, especially when I can’t help but get turned on.

So when I got caught in class by my history teacher and she told me she wanted me afterwards to teach me discipline I spent the entire time dreading what she was going to me. I didn’t even think they were allowed to use soap, that stuff tastes awful, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as feeling her hand land on my ass. She didn’t hit me too hard, but just that she was doing it was one of the most embarrassing things I’d ever had happen to me, especially when she pulled down my panties and saw how wet I was. She spanked me even harder for that, can I help it if my body likes things I don’t?

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