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Bound and Punished

bound and punished

A few of my girlfriends told me they were all going to a Halloween party and they wanted me to come along. It was at a club they all knew about and they’d gone before, they told me that I’d have a ‘blast’. I went along, since I was looking for a bit of fun, but when I got there I got pulled aside and told I needed to go through ‘orientation’.

What kind of prank was this? I thought it must be a joke as I got stripped and tossed in a prison uniform, I mean, these costumes were going a bit far, weren’t they? It got worse when they brought in one of my girlfriends, she was bottomless, and she barely wanted to talk to me! I found out why when they dragged me into another room and stripped me naked.

Ohh, it was so humiliating when they bent me over a bar with my ass in the air. Then they started caning me! I can’t imagine any more pain as my ass ended up sooo red. They told me they would let me go to enjoy the ‘party’ only when I understood that this was a preview of what would happen to me if I broke the rules.

Watch her party preview here!

Caning and Spanking Several Girls

caning spanking movie

Fans of bum spanking movies and caning movies will enjoy this schoolgirl punishment gallery featuring three short spanking and caning videos. Four schoolgirls are stripped almost naked (down to just their shoes and socks) to receive punishment from two male teachers. The girls are each taken in turn and strapped to a spanking stool where they are thoroughly thrashed on the bum. And, when I say thoroughly, I mean real tears and real marks on the bum that will take days to heal.

You can watch these spankings now. CLICK HERE

Lupus Spanking Video

Ouch, that looks very painful!!! This spanking video is from Lupus Pictures.
Lupus is well know is the spanking world as the makers of the most sever spanking movies. They are called the “Woves of the East” because they are located in Eastern Europe.

The girls are often left with very serious marks and bruises that can take weeks to heal. These are very serious spankings and the girls are able to take a tremendous amount of pain.

Some of the Lupus videos show actual punishments. Girls are given strict canings in the old tradition. If you like harsh, brutal, and very real spanking videos, then Lupus is exactly what you are looking for!

Lupus Spanking Videos

These video clips are from Lupus Spanking. Lupus is know for their extremely harsh spanking and punishment videos. They are an Easter European company and they dole out very severe spankings and canings. The spanking models who work for Lupus have to be able to endure the most incredible pain.

Lupus also puts a lot of effort into setting the stage for a spanking. They have elaborate costumes and sets that look very authentic. They put a lot of effort into creating an atmosphere. But when the punishments start they are very, very harsh. The girls are very beautiful and their bottoms are left with welts and extreme marks.

Lupus is not for everyone, but if severe spanking is your cup of tea then stop by and have a look at their main site.