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Amelia gets ass paddled

amelia paddled

Amelia is such a spanking slut, she just loves the feel of a hand, or a paddle across her ass. Sometimes her love for the hard wood gets her in trouble though, especially when she’s supposed to get punished later by the proper authority. This time Amelia goes under the paddle of Leia-Ann Woods, since she just thinks they both can get used to the sting of the paddle.

Poor Amelia though, she only gets ten blows with the heavy wood paddle before the two of them are caught. The two of them are in even more trouble, and even though Amelia loves getting spanked, she’ll be begging for mercy before her punishment is over.

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Giant Paddle Spanking

ping pong paddle

Boys think they give the best spankings, and sure, most women just love the feel of a big, manly hand across their backsides. There’s something primal about it, sure, especially as that ass gets more and more red. The guys aren’t the only ones that give good spankings though, there are girls out there that are so much more intense, and so much more wicked then the guys. Some of these girls get positively evil when they learn they are going to have a friend or rival over their laps, and they aren’t going to let them go until they get their wicked pleasure out of it.

Jennifer Torrance gets to play the hot sorority sister that gets Tanya Carter over her lap in a nice demonstration of what happens when a sister goes and breaks the house rules. She doesn’t give Tanya much of a warmup, either, especially when she grabs the big paddle at hand. Tanya’s ass turns a bright, bright red very quickly, and her moans and crying is absolutely delicious, not to mention the bounce whenever the paddle lands. You can see the wicked look on Jennifer’s face as she unloads on Tanya’s cute ass, and she’s not about to stop until someone finally interrupts them.

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Another Paddled Ass

When I first got into this school, I knew that they were pretty strict, and they supposedly enforced their rules in a really unusual way. I didn’t believe it could be that different though, I mean, they still have to follow the standard guidelines, right? So when I heard that they had some basic uniform rules, I figured it would be fun to play with them a bit. White shirt, skirt, white panties, easy enough, right? They didn’t say anything about how white the shirt had to be, so I decided to give my first teacher a treat and wore my favorite see-through number.

paddled ass

Well, even if he liked looking, he told me how disappointed he was that I decided to flaunt the rules like that. He made me stay past the first class, I didn’t know how he was going to punish me, but making me take off the top certainly wasn’t it! That was only the beginning though! I thought corporal punishment went out decades ago, but he had an honest-to-god paddle with him! I’ve never been spanked before, and ow, ow does that hurt! He wasn’t happy until my ass turned bright red, and then he said that was only the beginning. I was so embarrassed when he made me pull off my panties, and finished the job on my bare pussy.

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Paddled Schoolgirl made to Cry

paddled schoolgirl

Some of the girls that attend the school get sent here for disciplinary reasons, others attend because they seek a higher education. We pride ourselves on the fact that our methods of teaching produce very effective results, even among students that may otherwise not do as well. When we apply the proper forms of motivation to each individual student, tailored for their education, we can take even the most unfocused student, and turn them around.

This particular girl was showing struggles in several subjects, so she qualified for a more intensive training lesson so that she would progress in her classes. One of our teachers pulled her aside for some after school training, where she was instructed to go over the material from the quiz, while he applied sufficient motivation to keep her going. It is amazing what results you can achieve when you properly redden and paddle a student’s behind after stripping them of their coverings. The humiliation and pain are true motivators to higher education, because she really put her head into her books. Our teacher was quite happy to make sure she went through and answered each quiz question correctly, while the paddle accented her incorrect answers, so she made the appropriate corrections.

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Red Ass Paddled

paddled ass

The school makes sure that we know that it isn’t just the paddle that is our punishment. They want to humiliate us, and make sure that everyone knows that we’re being bad girls. So when they say we’ve done something particularly bad, they make a spanking movie and show it to everyone so we get even more humiliation!

This time it wasn’t even my fault! Someone told a proctor that I cheated off them on a test, just because our answers were the same. I think she cheated, not me, but she got to them first. I found out when a proctor came into my room and told me to bend over my table. They said it was so bad they needed to make sure I had a memory of the lesson. Not only did they paddle me until I could barely sit down, but they took video of the whole thing and made me watch it later. It’s so humiliating to hear yourself crying while they make your ass red.

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Uncomfortable Paddling Position

uncomfortable paddling

It was just a harmless prank this time! I knew I could get in trouble, but everyone knew that the principle always left his locker unlocked and that he stayed out of the office most of the day. The other girls dared me to go in, they even got my cell number so they could call me and warn me if the professor came back.

I got into his private locker and found his book. I was supposed to change the demerits on a few of the girls’ so their weekly punishment would be worse. They didn’t tell me when he showed up so I just ended up trapped in his office. I thought he wouldn’t notice me, but they told him! Before he opened the door he made me strip out of my pants and panties. He said that if I didn’t it would be so much worse. I don’t think anything could be worse than that paddle of his! There were rumors f his personal paddle, but I couldn’t believe it was bad until the first blow landed on my ass. That paddle felt like it was sinking inches into my ass, and worse still, it barely left a mark! I ended up red, bruised down deep, I even felt the shocks through my pussy while he bent me over, but even though I could barely stand, there weren’t many bruises.

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