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Spanking Training

spanking training

 Some girls are into spanking for the pleasure, others for the pain, others for the attention, all of them need to learn that they get spanked for discipline. Before we train their asses to take a paddle, we train them to take orders at a moment’s notice. They can’t have any modesty, because we will bend them over and spank them at a moment’s notice regardless of whether we are in public or not, or whether they are ‘in the mood’ or not. When that happens we will bare their asses wherever we happen to be.

Amelia Rutherford went through our training and excelled in all areas of obeying commands and putting her modesty aside. To test her, we drilled her in stripping down nude and finding appropriate spanking surfaces at a moment’s notice, without warning. Only when we were satisfied did we start training her pale ass to take on the cherry red hue we like. This particular training session included over seventy blows from a harsh leather paddle, until her ass took on our favored color.

CLICK HERE for this slave training video

Nimue spanked with crop

Nimue spanked with crop

The girls at the Pony Club do like the women with initiative, especially when it comes to fund-raising. They do have to keep some levels of decorum though, after all, we want to make sure we don’t scandalize the regular people, because that just is not the kind of attention that’s entirely appropriate. The girls need to realize that above all, they must act appropriately, and when they don’t, they have to suffer the consequences of their actions.

This time one of the girls decided to do her best Lady Godiva impression and interrupted the fund-raising. The audience appreciated the show, but Nimue did not get approval before her show. Well, Treasurer Pandora Blake pulled her aside and explained that you just do not act like that in public. She reinforced the lesson with a riding crop spanking of Ms. Nimue’s round backside. At first she thought it was a game, but the growing red and bruises soon had her squirming and realizing otherwise!

Watch this punishment video for yourself. CLICK HERE

Schoolgirl Spanking

schoolgirl spanking

Some girls think that they somehow are smarter than the authority figures around them. As if somehow they have come up with new ways to misbehave and get away with it and there is no way that anyone will have any knowledge of their behavior. They believe that they will find new ways to cheat, while we like to make sure that we remind them that there are always the old ways of providing discipline to these misbehaving girls.

This time we caught a Miss Pandora Blake smuggling in all sorts of contraband material to the other students at the school. Normally that would be an expulsion offense, but the headmaster decided that all she really needed was a simple course of corporal punishment to get her on the right track. At first when Pandora saw the slipper used for her punishment she was quite disdainful, at least until the first blow landed across her ass. From there it was merely crying and begging as her ass turned deeper and deeper red from the slipper. This is a perfect example that sometimes the best answer is the simplest one, when it comes to discipline.

See Pandora get punished. CLICK HERE for video

Mouth Washed out with Soap and Wooden Spoon Spanking

wooden spoon spanking

When I found this room for rent, I thought I was lucky as hell, the room was cheap, and apparently, the home was owned by the nice little old lady that just wanted to give a room to some young student. She said that she had a few requirements for her tenants, because she was tired of all the youngsters that just weren’t brought up right. I figured she just was a doting mother that had some motherly rules, so I took the room. Gee, I had no idea how ‘old fashioned’ her rules are!

Things went well enough at first, I helped around the house, but things went to a totally wrong place when I forgot my chores, and talked back to her when she told me to get them done! She just gave me this look, and told me to get in the kitchen and get my clothes off, or she would kick me out into the street. I didn’t think I could tremble that much when I stood in front of the sink, in just my panties, waiting for her. She told me that I was a good girl, I just needed to show more respect for my elders, and then she pulled down my panties and smacked my ass! It hurt and was so embarrassing! It was even worse though when she said that such vulgar language should never come out of my mouth, and stuck a bar of soap in my mouth! This lady humiliated me sooo much, and my ass turned bright red when she was done, but I couldn’t let her kick me out!

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