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The Best Russian Discipline

russian discipline

I know getting into this school was supposed to be a privilege, but sometimes I am not sure I can take the punishments! They are so mean, since they don’t just want to punish you a lot of the time, they want to humiliate you too. So they will find you and some of your best friends and make sure they punish you together.

This time the proctors decided my roommate and me didn’t keep our room as clean as they wanted. So they found me and made me strip and stand there until they found my roommate, and only then they started punishing us. If you think there is nothing worse than being bent over naked and having your bare ass caned, try it when you have one of your best friends whimpering and crying right next to you. They wanted to make sure we couldn’t sit or lay down in our room until it was clean, so they caned both our asses!

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