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Bare Bottom Strapping for Naughty Girl

Bare Bottom Strapping   Bare Bottom Diaper Position Strapping

This is a great gallery from Spanked Cutie. Now at spanked cutie the spankins may not be as harsh as they are at GBS or over at Lupus Spanking, but the girls are damn cute. These are “softer” spankings but don’t be thinking they are fake.

This cutie is getting a very good strapping on her bare bottom. I’m sure she would protest if she know I were describing her spanking of the “lighter variety”. It’s definitely not light, but just not harsh. I’m SURE her spanked bottom is very uncomfortable.

The great thing about Spanked Cutie is it’s an entire new site with girls that you haven’t seen before. They are good looking and have nice plump spankable bottoms. I’m of the opinion that you can never have enough spanking videos it’s aways a treat to find a new one to add to your collection.

If you like the girls at Spanked Cutie, but you are really interested in checking out the action at the Girls Boarding School and if the dark side of you really wants to see what is going on at Lupus Spanking  then check out the VIP pass. With it you get full access to all these sites and even a few others.

Visit spanked cuties and download this full length video now  you will be glad you did!!!

Bare Bottom Girl on Girl Spanking

Girl on Girl Spanking on the bare   Girl Spanks Girl OTK On The Bare Bottom

Don’t you just love watching girls spank girls? Nothing is quite as hot as a pissed off girl spanking her girlfriend!

In this spanking video we have two very attractive girls. For reasons unknown one of the girls is getting a very good spanking on the bare. The girl being spanking has a very, very, spank able round bottom. She is spanked and paddled with a leather strap and then told to strip completely nude for more punishment.

The girl doing the spanking takes her job quite seriously and really punished the shapely bottom that is over her knee.

Spanking videos like this are what Spanked Cutie is all about. They find really cute girls and punish their naked bottoms. Many times the spankings are give OTK and include incredible girl on girl spanking. It’s a great site with cute girls that all end up with very red and sore bottoms.

Spanking Video Provided by Spanked Cutie

Completely Naked and Spanked with Leather Paddle

Bare Bottom Teen Paddling   Screaming Teen Paddling

This cutie just can’t keep out of trouble! As much as she gets spanked you would think she enjoys it – she is always finding new and creative ways to piss off her caretaker. Whatever she did this time earned her a nice spanking with a leather paddle. The leather paddle isn’t as fierce or scary looking as a wooden one, but don’t be fooled, a leather paddle in the hands of a skilled disciplinarian can sting and hurt like you would not believe.

Our cutie is made to strip completely naked for her punishment. We get a great view of her youthful body and her very shapely bottom. As the punishment starts she squirms and yelps and the leather paddle repeatedly lands on her bottom. The disciplinarian does not let up and keeps hitting her perfect bottom with more and harder slaps. I bet her ass feels like she is sitting on a hot stove. I just love watching this cutie getting spanked!

Paddling Gallery Provided by Spanked Cutie

Cutie Spanked with a Slipper

Spanked Cutie Bare Bottom Slippering   Cute Teen Slippering

What a lovely bottom this cutie has – it’s round, shapely, and tight – and perfect for a good slippering. Hell, it would be perfect for a nice hand spanking as well. Anyhow, this cutie was naughty and really pissed off her caretaker. Not having a paddle or cane handy he goes for the slipper. Slippers make for a great impromptu spanking implement – when there is nothing around and you need to spank some ass immediately, grab a slipper.

This naughty cutie has her shorts and panties pulled down to reveal her bare bottom. Then her caretaker starts spanking her with a slipper. Her bottom turns red and she squirms with each blow on her bare bottom. Her cute face crinkles up to reveal the discomfort she will feel. I have a feeling that she will get a more formal spanking later with something more appropriate – like a paddle. But don’t be fooled by how much the slipper can hurt.

Spanking Gallery provided by Spanked Cutie

Cutie Spanked With Thick Leather Strap

Teen Cutie Bare Bottom Strapping

This cutie has a perfect ripe ass that really, really needs to be spanked. This spanking gallery features some great girl on girl spanking. From watching countless spanking videos I’ve come to the conclusion that the girls often spank harder than the guys. Guys are often hold back a little but when girls are spanking girls they give it all they have.

I’m not sure what this cutie did to warrant a spanking but she gets her nice tight bottom well spanked and whipped. She is in the kitchen when her skirt is lifted and she receives some serious hand spanking that turns her ass a bright tender red. Her panties and clothes are then stripped off and she is forced to get on all fours. In this vulnerable position we get a great view of her juicy pussy. Then the real punishment starts with a hefty leather strap.

Her tender red bottom is given thwak after thwak and her slim body recoils with each stroke. The redness and pain spread. It appears her pussy is swelling as if she is getting pleasure from the pain or maybe being dominated by another girl turns her on.

Spanking Gallery Provided by Spanked Cutie