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Over the Knee Red Spanked Ass

spanked red ass

When my master told me that he wanted me to go to the gym more often, I couldn’t understand why! I mean, he loves my body, and we have great sex, and it keeps me nice and trim for him. He said that he wanted me healthy though, so I sort of went to the gym half-heartedly. I figured I could keep it up for a while until he got tired of paying for it, and then I could stay home! I didn’t realize he’d figure out that I wasn’t really doing any work.

He told me that he set me up with a ‘special’ trainer, and that if I didn’t follow every single one of his instructions, I’d get into lots of trouble. I’d been to one of his special trainers before, so I really wasn’t looking forward to this one. The guy was kinda creepy with that silly moustache, but he wanted to see what I did for my workout. I gave a couple of toe touches, but he just told me I was being a lazy girl, and that he had to see what he had to work with. It was so humiliating when he touched me all over, but it was even worse when he started giving me a spanking on my ass! I didn’t want to get into even more trouble, but I don’t think he knew that my face was nearly as red as my behind!

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Spanked and Humiliated

spanked and humiliated

I don’t care what they say, I don’t think that I am a naughty girl just because I tend to have a smart mouth. I mean, I love doing what I can for my boyfriend, and I love how commanding he is, but geez, sometimes I do have to object a little bit, right? He says I’m his favorite little toy, and that he wants to be able to show me off because I am such a favorite, but I need to learn how to behave when I’m around others. Pfft, it’s not like I don’t know how to act, even if I’m not as polite as he wants most of the time.

He told me the other day that he had someone I was going to meet who might give me a different perspective on discipline. I figured it couldn’t be so bad, because he told me was going to be there the entire time. Well, when we got there, this person was older, and the way he looked at me just made me shiver all over. I was going to leave until he told me to strip, and I just couldn’t say no! He examined me all over, and it was sooo humiliating I couldn’t stop blushing. That wasn’t all of it though, he said I would be very pretty to show off to everyone, but I needed to let go and get comfortable with my body. When he had me bend over so everyone could see my pussy it was even worse, but somehow I still got soo turned on by the whole thing.

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