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Overlooked Holiday Spanking

I had this pic ready to go for Christmas day and some shit came up and I totally spaced on it. Better late than never I always say though. Enjoy!

holiday spanking

Holidays are here, and it’s time for stockings, fireplaces, tinsel, and wicked little girls trying to find their way off the ‘naughty’ list. It’s fun to watch them do almost anything to seem like they are not naughty, they are nice, but deep down it just makes them even more naughty. There is not much you can do for a girl on that list except give them a bit of extra…incentive to be nice for the following year.

This assistant elf was lazy and didn’t get any of her stuff done by the time she was supposed to, so she was very naughty and had to suffer the proper punishment from her holiday daddy. Luckily for her he was happy to oblige and use his big hands to show her how proper discipline can make every holiday better! His big hands made short work of her cute little ass, and she tried to squirm away from him as he worked her over. That’s a big no-no for him, so he pulled down her tight little panties so he would have an easier time getting to her perky behind. He was very thorough and made her ass as red as Rudolf’s nose, just for this special holiday!

See her punished HERE

Intense Beating with Shoe

shoe spanking

I know the school is big on tradition; they make us wear uniforms, and talk properly and even walk properly. I thought that was just part of the tradition, until I saw someone get pulled aside and spanked in the hallway, that was just a little too traditional for me! I tried to leave, but they didn’t let me. Since I was enrolled I had to stay, and they told me that a bit of private punishment was in store for anyone that leaves.

They sent me immediately to the principal’s office with the note that I tried to leave. He really disapproved of that and made me pull down my panties and bend over. I thought I knew what to expect, but when his hand hit my ass I couldn’t help but jump because it hurt so badly! My ass wasn’t the only thing that turned red as he spanked me, but the worst was yet to come. He told me that the bare-handed spanking was just a warm up, and proper discipline required him to do a little shoe spanking. I didn’t think anything would hurt as badly as his hand, but that shoe just hit so hard I couldn’t help crying out. This was just for trying to leave too, I really don’t want to see what happens if I do something really wrong!

CLICK HERE to witness the full punishment