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High Impact Caning Video

impact caning video

I hate it when retired teachers come back. They always want to show us girls the ‘proper’ way to do things. That means someone is going to be pulled aside for no reason at all and given a spanking! All you can do is try and hide, but this time they caught me in the halls with my girlfriend.

This old man wanted to give a teaching on ‘classic’ bare bottom spanking and I got to be the practice dummy. We had to bend over while he brought out his little cane and started whacking at my ass, and that little bugger hurt! I thought I was safe when he let me keep my panties, but he was just warming up. I think the old guy wanted another peek at a young pussy, but I wasn’t going to ask him, not when that cane made my ass so red that I couldn’t sit for the rest of the day. It was even worse that my girlfriend watched; I was so embarrassed!

Click here for this high impact video

Schoolgirl Punishment

bum spanking
bum spanking 2

I got in trouble today, and that only means one thing around here, a spanking. All of the upper classmen and teachers just love catching us girls breaking any rule or protocol, because then they get to drag us off for our discipline. I thought I was lucky this time, because the upper classman was a girl that didn’t carry around a set of canes or paddles everywhere she goes, boy was I wrong.

She didn’t carry around paddles or canes because she specialized in doing bare handed spanking. She also kept a camera with her to get spanking movies as a reminder. She must have been looking for an excuse to spank me before, because she bent me over her knee and pulled down my panties right away. I felt so embarrassed when she started spanking me, my cheeks must have been as red as my ass, especially when she noticed that I was getting wet!

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