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Paddled Red Ass

Bratty little girls need discipline before they learn to fit in with the regular world. It is unfortunate that so many of them get away like little terrors as they grow up, and never really learn that there are consequences to their actions. We have many proctors and mistresses that specialize in taking those hard to handle girls and showing them what it means when they get a nice solid dose of discipline. It can be quite a shock for many of them, but all of them learn how much they need it.

paddled red ass

In this case we had three girls that were brought in for our ‘care’ and our discipline at once. This can be a very good thing indeed, because with groups you get the added humiliation of watching each other exposed, and spanked hard enough that they turn bright red not just in the face. It is a shock when they see an ass turn from white to red, and then to black and blue, as they wait for their turn. These particular girls reacted wonderfully to the discipline though, each of them was quite repentant after their sessions. Considering how wet a couple of them got though, we have no doubt they will be back for additional lessons.

Spanked Red Ass

spanked red ass

Here at our boarding school, we don’t just try and make sure the girls get a good conventional education. We make sure that they have good work ethics as well. They have to do chores, and keep their private and public areas clean. They have to do a good job as well, because they will get punished for infractions there as well. We can’t stand any of the girls slacking in any part of their education, practical or domestic.

This little girl made the mistake of doing a shoddy job when it was her turn to do the dishes. She thought that the next person could make up for her slack. We couldn’t let her get away with that kind of thinking, if she is going to do a poor job on one thing, she might slack in other things as well. So we made her do them again, but this time our proctors monitored her and gave her proper motivation on her little ass every time she slowed down. She may have whined and cried, but by the end of the training her ass was cherry red, and every single one of those dishes was clean.

Watch the video HERE

Schoolgirl Receives Harsh Paddling

harsh paddling

Apparently the school wasn’t satisfied that they were producing ‘proper’ young girls. It didn’t matter that they were spanking us, and we were all behaving so well, they wanted to make sure we had all the etiquette parts down too! How are we supposed to keep track of which fork is which, and how to walk straight, and what to wear to a debutante ball?

I thought I could get out of it, and managed to sneak out of the class, but one of the professors caught me. He told me that at least he was going to make sure that I learned proper posture, so he took me out to one of the private buildings. I don’t think posture training means that I have to have my ass turned red while keeping all those books on me! I don’t know how they expect me to walk straight when I get spanked so hard that I can barely move at all!

Watch her get bruised HERE

Over the Knee, Bare Ass Spanking

otk spanking

The school doesn’t like standardized tests, they may be all the rage these days, but they say that it is a horrible way to judge whether a girl really can learn under pressure. So they bring in their own measure of testing, and we all get to suffer from their testing methods. Almost all the girls run, but when they call you and your roommate in, what can you do?

I always do my best to get done with my tests quickly so my roommate doesn’t get her as beat too hard, but then when she looked at me I knew I was in so much trouble! I thought she forgot about the time she got spanked for my dirty half of the room, but once the questions started I knew she didn’t forget. She deliberately screwed up and missed questions just so he would pull down my skirt and really beat my ass! I was so embarrassed at how red I got when he spanked me, it was even worse than being unable to sit properly for the rest of the day.

See her squirm and cry HERE

Girls Switch for Punishment

bum spanking

They told me they used unique methods of testing at the school, but I had no idea what to expect when I was told that we get tested in pairs. First one person goes, then the other. That didn’t sound too bad at first, but when the professor told me to pull down my pants I didn’t have any idea what was going to happen during the testing!

I found out fast enough when he started spanking me, while one person takes the test while the other gets spanked. Wrong answers mean even more spankings before the two girls switch! Oh, I couldn’t stand when I heard I was getting a bare bottom spanking because my partner got her questions wrong, that brush hurt! My ass was totally red and I think the professor just wanted to feel me rub against his knee, because he sure was nitpicking. It almost made it better when I got to do the test, while my partner was spanked!

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