Cutie Spanked with a Slipper

Spanked Cutie Bare Bottom Slippering   Cute Teen Slippering

What a lovely bottom this cutie has – it’s round, shapely, and tight – and perfect for a good slippering. Hell, it would be perfect for a nice hand spanking as well. Anyhow, this cutie was naughty and really pissed off her caretaker. Not having a paddle or cane handy he goes for the slipper. Slippers make for a great impromptu spanking implement – when there is nothing around and you need to spank some ass immediately, grab a slipper.

This naughty cutie has her shorts and panties pulled down to reveal her bare bottom. Then her caretaker starts spanking her with a slipper. Her bottom turns red and she squirms with each blow on her bare bottom. Her cute face crinkles up to reveal the discomfort she will feel. I have a feeling that she will get a more formal spanking later with something more appropriate – like a paddle. But don’t be fooled by how much the slipper can hurt.

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