Cutie Spanked With Thick Leather Strap

Teen Cutie Bare Bottom Strapping

This cutie has a perfect ripe ass that really, really needs to be spanked. This spanking gallery features some great girl on girl spanking. From watching countless spanking videos I’ve come to the conclusion that the girls often spank harder than the guys. Guys are often hold back a little but when girls are spanking girls they give it all they have.

I’m not sure what this cutie did to warrant a spanking but she gets her nice tight bottom well spanked and whipped. She is in the kitchen when her skirt is lifted and she receives some serious hand spanking that turns her ass a bright tender red. Her panties and clothes are then stripped off and she is forced to get on all fours. In this vulnerable position we get a great view of her juicy pussy. Then the real punishment starts with a hefty leather strap.

Her tender red bottom is given thwak after thwak and her slim body recoils with each stroke. The redness and pain spread. It appears her pussy is swelling as if she is getting pleasure from the pain or maybe being dominated by another girl turns her on.

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