OTK Hand Spanking

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Another naughty girls is given a punishment at the Girls Boarding School. It must have been a minor infraction because she is given a hand spanking. The spanking is administered on her bare bottom and the smacks are quite harsh.

A good OTK hand spanking can hurt quite a bit and it’s evident from this girls squirming that she is experiencing quite a bit of discomfort. After her bare bottom has been spanked good the headmaster places her in the diaper position. He gives her some swift smacks to the very sensitive area where the thighs meet her bottom.

This girl has a very beautiful shapely bottom and very attractive thighs that are perfect for an OTK spanking. When administering a good hand spanking it’s amazing to feel the heat that radiates off a well spanked bottom. When she gets her diaper position spanking you get a real nice view of her pussy – this is done for the extra humiliation and to make the naughty girl feel exposed and vulnerable. Her thighs are given a few good spanks so that her entire back side will be burning and sore.

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