Painful Belt Spanking of Naked Girl

Harsh Nude Belting   Naked Girl Severe Belting

This is Rebeka at the Girls Boarding School, she was caught smoking marijuana which is a MAJOR no-no at the GBS. They have very strict rules about drug use. Rebeka was immediately striped completely naked. She was instructed to get on her and knees, like she was doing a push up.

The head master took off his thick leather belt and told her to count down from 20. He whipped her bare ass with his belt. With each crack Rebeka did all she could to keep her balance and not forget what number she was on. The head master delivered every single blow of the belt with significant force. She was not given any light spanks. Each blow cracked loudly on the bare flesh of her bottom.

Rebeka’s bottom turned a bright red from the belt spanking she received. Each blow on her bare bottom added an extra stripe and made the overlapping areas more intensely red.

I always love watching a real and harsh belt spanking video. There is nothing quite as erotic as the sound of a thick leather belt cracking on the bare flesh of a perfect ass. If you would like to watch this full video visit The Girls Boarding School.