Petite Redhead Gets Spanked

bareass spanking

So few sluts get the discipline they properly need. They fuck up, they do wrong, they take advantage of people who listen to the niceties of society, and they don’t suffer any consequences of their actions. They think they can get away with anything, and then bitch when they don’t get what they want.

This chick didn’t think she had to get up and get her ass out of bed to go to work, help with the house, or pretty much anything else for that matter. Shit like that has to stop, so she finally gets taught a proper lesson. She gets pulled over and spanked until her ass is red through her panties, but that’s not enough. It’s only when she gets her panties pulled down so she is bare assed and gets another dose across her cheeks, with her pussy up in the air that the message sinks through that if she’s not going to get her ass up, she’s not going to be able to sit on it.

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