Schoolgirl Receives Harsh Paddling

harsh paddling

Apparently the school wasn’t satisfied that they were producing ‘proper’ young girls. It didn’t matter that they were spanking us, and we were all behaving so well, they wanted to make sure we had all the etiquette parts down too! How are we supposed to keep track of which fork is which, and how to walk straight, and what to wear to a debutante ball?

I thought I could get out of it, and managed to sneak out of the class, but one of the professors caught me. He told me that at least he was going to make sure that I learned proper posture, so he took me out to one of the private buildings. I don’t think posture training means that I have to have my ass turned red while keeping all those books on me! I don’t know how they expect me to walk straight when I get spanked so hard that I can barely move at all!

Watch her get bruised HERE