Schoolgirl Spanked Hard With Paddle on Bare Bottom

Hard Bare Bottom Paddling   Assume the Position Against Wall for Paddling

The headmaster looks really pissed off. I’m not sure what this girl did, but I bet she is regrets it now! Punishments at the Girls Boarding School are serious and harsh. The head does not play around.

This bad girl is not only getting spanked with a paddle – she is getting hard swats with a paddle that has holes in it. You now that has to hurt like crazy! She is told to drop her pants and her undies. She has very light creamy skin that turns bright red as her bottom is struck with the paddle.

The headmaster keeps paddling her bare bottom until she is crying and begging him to stop. But he just keeps swatting her bottom again and again. I’m sure her punishment spanking will leave bruises and welts that will last for days.