Serious Belt Spanking Given at The Girls Boarding School

Bare Bottom Belt Spanking   Severe Belting For Naughty Girl

I wonder if the headmaster at the Girls Boarding School gets a sore arm from all the punishments he must give out. I’m not sure what this naughty girl did, but she gets quite a serious belt spanking on her fully naked bottom .

Only privileged girls from the very upper class are allowed to attend the Girls Boarding School. It’s a very traditional institution that teaches obedience with strict and harsh punishments. All the girls know what is expected and if they step out of line they often find that their bottoms are sore for many days. Considering the harsh punishments it’s surprising just how often they do get into trouble. These spoiled girls like to push the limits and test the headmaster.

Today it seems was the wrong day to play games. This girl is told to prepare herself by stripping totally naked, laying on the bed, and placing several pillows under her hips. The pillows lift her hips up and her well shaped bum is sticking out like a nice target. The headmaster takes off his belt and whips her bare bottom soundly!! You can see the muscles in her bottom quivering uncontrollably in between strikes with the belt. He give her a very thorough belt spanking that leaves her bottom a beautiful shade of red with some nice stripes.

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