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Stephanie Spanked

stephanie spanked otk

First time spankings are always special, because you just don’t know how a girl is going to react. Some of them come in all attitude, and we get to either prove, or break their attitude. Others come in acting like timid little mice, and we just love taking those girls and making them finally succumb to their fears of the big, bad spanking. Some of them will whimper, some will cry, some will moan, and many will get soaking wet as they experience their first intense spanking. Our disciplinarians just adore provoking all kinds of reactions from these naughty girls.

Since we are taking Stephanie Murray to school, we thought it only appropriate that she show up in uniform for her first ever over the knee spanking. Dani Daniels just loves breaking in new girls with her bare hand. Most of them think that Dani’s hand will give out before their ass will, and they are always sorely mistaken. In this case Dani turns Stephanie’s ass bright red with over 400 smacks on her cute little backside before she finally lets her up. Stephanie definitely has the attitude though; she sprang right up and declared that Dani missed a spot! This is one girl we’re going to have lots of fun seeing what we can use to turn her ass black and blue.

Watch Stephanie’s punishment HERE

Spanking Training

spanking training

 Some girls are into spanking for the pleasure, others for the pain, others for the attention, all of them need to learn that they get spanked for discipline. Before we train their asses to take a paddle, we train them to take orders at a moment’s notice. They can’t have any modesty, because we will bend them over and spank them at a moment’s notice regardless of whether we are in public or not, or whether they are ‘in the mood’ or not. When that happens we will bare their asses wherever we happen to be.

Amelia Rutherford went through our training and excelled in all areas of obeying commands and putting her modesty aside. To test her, we drilled her in stripping down nude and finding appropriate spanking surfaces at a moment’s notice, without warning. Only when we were satisfied did we start training her pale ass to take on the cherry red hue we like. This particular training session included over seventy blows from a harsh leather paddle, until her ass took on our favored color.

CLICK HERE for this slave training video

Red Ass Caning Video

red ass caning

Some little spanking sluts just never know when there is an appropriate time for spanking, and when they should hold back and wait. They just love that bruised, sore feeling so much they can’t go more than a couple days without feeling that soreness through their ass, even when they are told they have to hold back. Well, it can certainly make things difficult when a girl has an appointment for a spanking, and someone wants you pristine for their attentions. They get so addicted that sometimes they can’t even hold back for that!

Sophie Parker is one of those models that knows better, too. When she shows up for the camera, she is supposed to have a pristine ass, so that we can be the ones to get it nice and red. This time her ass is still bruised from another spanking, probably quite a recent one as well! Sophie doesn’t even deny it, but still, she has to get punished, so this time she doesn’t just get spanked, we have to bring out the canes, otherwise who will know whether the marks are from us, or from her other partner? The marks we leave on her pretty ass are much more…defined, and will last much longer as a reminder as to why she should always follow instructions before showing up for a session.

See this video of Sophie being caned. CLICK HERE

Adrienne gets 200 whacks OTK

adrienne spanked

We all get jobs for different reasons, maybe we love the work, or we have a lot of talent for the work, or maybe we just like the perks of our job. There’s nothing wrong for a girl to take advantage of her talents to get the best deal and the best job she can. It’s only a problem when they start thinking that the perks are a right of the job, and they try to exploit them or take advantage of them too much, and so end up breaking the rules. They might get so used to those perks that they need to get reminded when they cross the line.

Adrienne loves travelling as a flight attendant, because she can usually hitch a ride to wherever she wants. That is an ok perk, the only problem is when she decides that just hitching a ride isn’t enough, and she tries to get her airline to make extra flights, just for her. That’s a little too far, and when that happens she needs to get the proper punishment. Her little curved ass isn’t good for too long, and turns bright red very quickly as she takes her spanking, but that just means she learns her lesson even faster. Still, she takes over 200 blows before we’re done with her, and her ass is bright red and burning as a reminder.
Adrienne gets punished harshly. Watch the video HERE

OTK Bare Butt Spanking

otk bare butt spanking

Certain girls are used to getting whatever they want, especially when they are cute. They get catered hand and foot, they get good paying jobs, and they just get more and more rude. They don’t learn good breeding, and certainly don’t learn good manners. Those selfish girls require some level of discipline, but they rarely get it, even when they act like selfish brats. It is a shock for them when they finally get someone not willing to take their attiude.

Tabitha is a good model, and she certainly knows it, because she thinks her body lets her get away with anything. She thought she could ignore the ‘no smoking’ rules we have in place around the studio. That’s not something we can tolerate, so she needed to get a lesson in good behavior. The whiny little brat complained when the first blow landed on her ass, and she tried to get away, luckily we were not about to let that happen. The ass that looked so good on camera looked even better when it turned rosy red from a hard over the knee spanking punishment. We didn’t get done though until it went from rosy red to black and blue. We wanted to make sure that the lesson lasted with the stuck up little princess.

Tabitha cries like a baby on video HERE

Paddled Schoolgirl made to Cry

paddled schoolgirl

Some of the girls that attend the school get sent here for disciplinary reasons, others attend because they seek a higher education. We pride ourselves on the fact that our methods of teaching produce very effective results, even among students that may otherwise not do as well. When we apply the proper forms of motivation to each individual student, tailored for their education, we can take even the most unfocused student, and turn them around.

This particular girl was showing struggles in several subjects, so she qualified for a more intensive training lesson so that she would progress in her classes. One of our teachers pulled her aside for some after school training, where she was instructed to go over the material from the quiz, while he applied sufficient motivation to keep her going. It is amazing what results you can achieve when you properly redden and paddle a student’s behind after stripping them of their coverings. The humiliation and pain are true motivators to higher education, because she really put her head into her books. Our teacher was quite happy to make sure she went through and answered each quiz question correctly, while the paddle accented her incorrect answers, so she made the appropriate corrections.

See her ass get bruised HERE

Severe Belt Spanking

belt spanking

When they moved us out of the dorms they told it was for ‘cleaning’. I don’t know, I think they just wanted us into even more cramped quarters so they could keep an eye on us and give them more excuses to say we did something wrong. I saw more girls get punished while we were in those dorms in one week then I did almost all quarter before hand. We all were so tight we got irritable, and that’s when trouble happened.

I even witnessed a fight between two girls, but didn’t report it. The proctor found me anyway and told me there was no excuse for not telling on them. He told my roommate to get out, and that’s when I know I got caught in their little net. He told me that not reporting the fight deserved his most severe belt spanking, and made me strip down and get on the bed. I’ve been paddled before, but that belt is something else. I couldn’t help but cry as he whacked my ass with it and left me red from the top of my ass to the bottom. Then he made me go stand in the corner while he paraded the other girls past me as an object lesson, it was so embarrassing!

See her punishment HERE (pictures only)

Bound and Punished

bound and punished

A few of my girlfriends told me they were all going to a Halloween party and they wanted me to come along. It was at a club they all knew about and they’d gone before, they told me that I’d have a ‘blast’. I went along, since I was looking for a bit of fun, but when I got there I got pulled aside and told I needed to go through ‘orientation’.

What kind of prank was this? I thought it must be a joke as I got stripped and tossed in a prison uniform, I mean, these costumes were going a bit far, weren’t they? It got worse when they brought in one of my girlfriends, she was bottomless, and she barely wanted to talk to me! I found out why when they dragged me into another room and stripped me naked.

Ohh, it was so humiliating when they bent me over a bar with my ass in the air. Then they started caning me! I can’t imagine any more pain as my ass ended up sooo red. They told me they would let me go to enjoy the ‘party’ only when I understood that this was a preview of what would happen to me if I broke the rules.

Watch her party preview here!

Tattooed Redhead Gets Spanked

spanked redhead

A lot of girls, deep down know what a wicked little thing they are. They crave the structure of proper discipline; they crave that sting that tells them that they are a bad girl. The pain sends them to a nice place where they are little girls getting their spankings for being naughty. It doesn’t matter that they are naughty in different ways, they still want the punishment.

This hot redhead named Sophia was practically begging for her chance to bend over to receive her caning. Her amazing ass took the cane so well and turned bright red very quickly. The color on her ass was almost as good as the sounds coming out of her mouth. Her gasps and moans were delicious, even as she begged for more and more. She just wanted to show off completely, and even giggled as she was inspected afterward to make sure all her marks were satisfactory.

See her punished HERE

Schoolgirl Receives Harsh Paddling

harsh paddling

Apparently the school wasn’t satisfied that they were producing ‘proper’ young girls. It didn’t matter that they were spanking us, and we were all behaving so well, they wanted to make sure we had all the etiquette parts down too! How are we supposed to keep track of which fork is which, and how to walk straight, and what to wear to a debutante ball?

I thought I could get out of it, and managed to sneak out of the class, but one of the professors caught me. He told me that at least he was going to make sure that I learned proper posture, so he took me out to one of the private buildings. I don’t think posture training means that I have to have my ass turned red while keeping all those books on me! I don’t know how they expect me to walk straight when I get spanked so hard that I can barely move at all!

Watch her get bruised HERE