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Spanking Training

spanking training

 Some girls are into spanking for the pleasure, others for the pain, others for the attention, all of them need to learn that they get spanked for discipline. Before we train their asses to take a paddle, we train them to take orders at a moment’s notice. They can’t have any modesty, because we will bend them over and spank them at a moment’s notice regardless of whether we are in public or not, or whether they are ‘in the mood’ or not. When that happens we will bare their asses wherever we happen to be.

Amelia Rutherford went through our training and excelled in all areas of obeying commands and putting her modesty aside. To test her, we drilled her in stripping down nude and finding appropriate spanking surfaces at a moment’s notice, without warning. Only when we were satisfied did we start training her pale ass to take on the cherry red hue we like. This particular training session included over seventy blows from a harsh leather paddle, until her ass took on our favored color.

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Schoolgirl Receives Harsh Paddling

harsh paddling

Apparently the school wasn’t satisfied that they were producing ‘proper’ young girls. It didn’t matter that they were spanking us, and we were all behaving so well, they wanted to make sure we had all the etiquette parts down too! How are we supposed to keep track of which fork is which, and how to walk straight, and what to wear to a debutante ball?

I thought I could get out of it, and managed to sneak out of the class, but one of the professors caught me. He told me that at least he was going to make sure that I learned proper posture, so he took me out to one of the private buildings. I don’t think posture training means that I have to have my ass turned red while keeping all those books on me! I don’t know how they expect me to walk straight when I get spanked so hard that I can barely move at all!

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Uncomfortable Paddling Position

uncomfortable paddling

It was just a harmless prank this time! I knew I could get in trouble, but everyone knew that the principle always left his locker unlocked and that he stayed out of the office most of the day. The other girls dared me to go in, they even got my cell number so they could call me and warn me if the professor came back.

I got into his private locker and found his book. I was supposed to change the demerits on a few of the girls’ so their weekly punishment would be worse. They didn’t tell me when he showed up so I just ended up trapped in his office. I thought he wouldn’t notice me, but they told him! Before he opened the door he made me strip out of my pants and panties. He said that if I didn’t it would be so much worse. I don’t think anything could be worse than that paddle of his! There were rumors f his personal paddle, but I couldn’t believe it was bad until the first blow landed on my ass. That paddle felt like it was sinking inches into my ass, and worse still, it barely left a mark! I ended up red, bruised down deep, I even felt the shocks through my pussy while he bent me over, but even though I could barely stand, there weren’t many bruises.

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Exciting Spanking Video Clip


In this latest addition to our ever growing collection of spanking movies we get to see gorgeous blonde schoolgirl Michaela receiving some strict corporal punishment from her headmaster. Despite  coming across as quite cocky at first, Michaela was crying after just a few strokes of the headmaster’s paddle. However, this headmaster was not going top let his young pupils tears soften him. In fact, the more Michaela cried, the more the headmaster seemed to relish spanking her badly bruised backside.

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