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Stephanie Spanked

stephanie spanked otk

First time spankings are always special, because you just don’t know how a girl is going to react. Some of them come in all attitude, and we get to either prove, or break their attitude. Others come in acting like timid little mice, and we just love taking those girls and making them finally succumb to their fears of the big, bad spanking. Some of them will whimper, some will cry, some will moan, and many will get soaking wet as they experience their first intense spanking. Our disciplinarians just adore provoking all kinds of reactions from these naughty girls.

Since we are taking Stephanie Murray to school, we thought it only appropriate that she show up in uniform for her first ever over the knee spanking. Dani Daniels just loves breaking in new girls with her bare hand. Most of them think that Dani’s hand will give out before their ass will, and they are always sorely mistaken. In this case Dani turns Stephanie’s ass bright red with over 400 smacks on her cute little backside before she finally lets her up. Stephanie definitely has the attitude though; she sprang right up and declared that Dani missed a spot! This is one girl we’re going to have lots of fun seeing what we can use to turn her ass black and blue.

Watch Stephanie’s punishment HERE

Adrienne gets 200 whacks OTK

adrienne spanked

We all get jobs for different reasons, maybe we love the work, or we have a lot of talent for the work, or maybe we just like the perks of our job. There’s nothing wrong for a girl to take advantage of her talents to get the best deal and the best job she can. It’s only a problem when they start thinking that the perks are a right of the job, and they try to exploit them or take advantage of them too much, and so end up breaking the rules. They might get so used to those perks that they need to get reminded when they cross the line.

Adrienne loves travelling as a flight attendant, because she can usually hitch a ride to wherever she wants. That is an ok perk, the only problem is when she decides that just hitching a ride isn’t enough, and she tries to get her airline to make extra flights, just for her. That’s a little too far, and when that happens she needs to get the proper punishment. Her little curved ass isn’t good for too long, and turns bright red very quickly as she takes her spanking, but that just means she learns her lesson even faster. Still, she takes over 200 blows before we’re done with her, and her ass is bright red and burning as a reminder.
Adrienne gets punished harshly. Watch the video HERE

Look at that nice red ass

nice red ass

I know that at the boarding school we’re supposed to share the chores equally, but sometimes I just don’t want to deal with all the crap from the other girls. I especially hate laundry, especially since so many girls actually like the punishments, and I have to deal with their soiled panties. Oh well, it gives me an excuse to hide from the teachers and proctors, most of the time anyway.

This time one of the teachers came down and asked me why I was just loitering there while the laundry was going, he didn’t think I was doing anything productive with my time. I tried to explain that I was waiting, but he didn’t want to hear it. He just made me bend over right there while he brought out his belt and beat me so badly across the ass! If that wasn’t enough, he made me crawl back up the stairs to the main building with my ass in the air, so everyone could see me! It was sooo humiliating, but at least I didn’t make a mess of my panties like some girls.

See her punishment HERE

Tattooed Redhead Gets Spanked

spanked redhead

A lot of girls, deep down know what a wicked little thing they are. They crave the structure of proper discipline; they crave that sting that tells them that they are a bad girl. The pain sends them to a nice place where they are little girls getting their spankings for being naughty. It doesn’t matter that they are naughty in different ways, they still want the punishment.

This hot redhead named Sophia was practically begging for her chance to bend over to receive her caning. Her amazing ass took the cane so well and turned bright red very quickly. The color on her ass was almost as good as the sounds coming out of her mouth. Her gasps and moans were delicious, even as she begged for more and more. She just wanted to show off completely, and even giggled as she was inspected afterward to make sure all her marks were satisfactory.

See her punished HERE

Misbehaving Girl Gets Due Punishment

misbehaving girl

Naughty little girls usually don’t get the discipline they truly need. It takes a heavy hand for them to realize their mistakes, especially when they haven’t managed to get it for so long. That’s when you need someone with a strong sense of order, and a powerful motivation to see them behave to come in and smack their asses until they understand how bad it is to be naughty without permission.

This particular brown-haired slut thought that she could just play with herself in her room without anyone noticing even though she was under orders not to get into trouble. She left the door open though, so when our discipline instructor saw her he had to take the problem into his own hands. He made sure that he spanked her bare ass all over until her ass was as red as her wet pussy, and considering how she was stroking herself, he made sure she wasn’t going to sit properly for a week! That was only the first course though, because when this naughty girl tried to beg him to stop it proves that the lesson hasn’t had the chance to sink in fully, so he beat her cute ass until she barely could whimper in response.

CLICK HERE to see her get what’s coming to her

Exciting Spanking Video Clip


In this latest addition to our ever growing collection of spanking movies we get to see gorgeous blonde schoolgirl Michaela receiving some strict corporal punishment from her headmaster. Despite  coming across as quite cocky at first, Michaela was crying after just a few strokes of the headmaster’s paddle. However, this headmaster was not going top let his young pupils tears soften him. In fact, the more Michaela cried, the more the headmaster seemed to relish spanking her badly bruised backside.

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